Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

how fun to have two leprechauns this year :)
we took the girls to Beaver Island to have their pic taken and Indiana was not in a very "take my picture" mood :) as you can see from her *oh so* forced smile!
(a very "cheesy" grin from a ham of a girl :)
we had green pancakes in the morning and went for a "minty green" shake that evening at DQ. . . wearing green was a must. . . so no one in our fam got pinched!
hope everyone had a wonderful day. . . the weather was spectacular and has given me some much needed rejuvenation!
i can actually feel that this winter will end. . . at some point ;)


Ryan and Megan said...

How fun Carli! I should have made green pancakes, those sound delicious. Ryan and I had so much fun hanging if you guys last night. We need to do it again soon. I feel like I am FINALLY starting to get to know more people here and it's really nice. I linked over to your blog from Stephanies, I can see what you were talking about with the mac scrap book pages, they are adorable. You are super talented. It probably helps that your kids are unusually cute too.