Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween "Posie style"

totally cute Posie dolls all decked out for Halloween!
made by Kitschy Digitals
find them HERE.

doesn't Danielle take the BEST photos!

perfect for your kid's to take to school as treats for All Hallow's Eve. . .
or pass them out on the BIG night itself!

so versatile. . . i made this:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Festival

since living here in the East we have found that FALL is a wonderful time to be a New Yorker!
with all the beautiful trees and leaves, pumpkins and farms
it sure is a sight to see (^0^)
sleepy hollow eat your heart out.

the weather is nice. . . a happy medium :)
not too cold (which BY HEAVENS that will come too soon!)
and not too hot (because the humidity KILLS in the summer. . . talk about schveting!)

every year we make it to the "Pumpkin Festival". . . basically a carnival with TONS of pumpkins!
which equals lots of fun for our little fam.

this is a page from October 2008. . .
Indy was barely two and Kendy was just four months. . . a wee little babe.
where *oh* where have those TWO years gone!?!
it seems to me it was a blink of an eye.

pics from this year:

pretty soon number three will be with us in the pics next year!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sacred Grove

we had a chance to visit the Sacred Grove and the Smith Family Farm a couple weekends ago. . .
talk about a GORGEOUS autumn day!
it was warm and bright and full of sunshine.
the leaves were changing and the air was full of crisp.
i just love this time of year!

Smith Family Farm
(Sacred Grove in foreground)

Smith Farm House Kitchen (number one). . .
basically a log cabin. . . can you imagine cooking over that fireplace!?!
(also the home where Moroni visited Joseph Smith) (^0^)

Joseph Smith's bed?
who knows.
they are not positive where Joseph slept when he experienced his visions. . .
but, the tour guide pointed out that it is the "air space" that Moroni actually appeared in to Joseph at night. . .
pretty neat-o!

Smith Family Farm House (number two)
a very nice upgraded home the Smith Family lived in for a while. . .
just down the street from their original log cabin home.

the second home they lived in was MUCH nicer and had a LOT more upgrades.
including a bigger and improved kitchen and dining area. . .
complete with pantry! how modern.

a log and mushroom on the floor of the Sacred Grove

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calico Dreamin!

it's ONE buck Wednesday folks and you know what that means. . .
cool digi scrap goods for a FANTABULOUS deal!
you can get one of my *fav* KitschyDigitals kits
"Calico Dreams"
for one buck!
very neat-o.
and groovy (^_^)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Premium PuglyPixel

oh man! oh boy!
am i excited!

the CUTE Katrina of Pugly Pixel is now offering Premium memberships to her blog where you can download *special* content of ALL of her digital goodies for
only FIVE bucks a month!
so cool.
you get TONS of bonuses *plus* upgrades to all of her kits.

check out what i made using the digital Premium PuglyPixel goodies for October. . .

Premium PuglyPixel kits used: cabachons, scalloped borders, vintage hankies, fabric deco shapes
PuglyPixel kits used: colored dots, washi tape
Paper: Echo Park

go and give it a look. . . you will be super happy you did! (^-^)

Friday, October 8, 2010

this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

spooky tidings to all!
Halloween is in the air.

(kits used: Kitschy Digitals, Minitoko, Creativity by Crystal, Cosmo Cricket)

parenting isn't for everyone. . .


holy scary GRIMACE!!!
if that kid wasn't traumatized by this for the REST of his life. . .
i don't know what would!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cute candy coated flowers. . . One Buck!

it's One Buck Wednesday peeps. . . and guess what?
you can get the *tastiest* candy coated flowers for only One Dollar!!!
go HERE to get your sweet on!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School Days

"School Days" photo shoot with little miss Indiana herself.
i just love this girl to pieces!
she always brings her personality into the photos i take of her. . . always.
i didn't ask her to pose like this!
she just does it by her own accord (^0^)
did i mention i LOVE this girl!
she really is a sweetie pie.
and a ham for the camera :)

come on!
tell me you can resist this face!?!
states the proud mama. . .
i said proud. . .
not humble. ha!

on a side-note. . .
the BW photo above reminds me of a sixties wild child. . .
quite appropriate for this wild child of mine (>0<)
love it.
ok, ok.
enough mama bragging for one night!
but, she is cute, right? ;)