Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Millennium Fun


i LOVE this pic of Harrison and Carrie. . .
a little bit of Millennium Falcon silliness!
isn't it awesome that other nerds out there share these pics!?!
thanks geeks.
i am right there with ya.

anyone been to see Star Wars Episode 1 yet?
i wonder if the 3D is really that neat-o?
i can't stand Jar Jar but i love Liam Neeson. . .
so i am on the fence as to making the effort to go.
i will *DEFINITELY* be going when a New Hope comes (^0^)!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day of LOVE

Happy Valentines from us to you!
Karli Indy Kendy Jude

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy FIRST Birthday Baby Jude!

i can't believe it. . . my little baby Jude is officially ONE YEAR OLD!
oh how this year has flown by!
i cannot express the love that baby Jude has brought into the life of my two little girls and myself.
he is what makes our little fam whole. he was meant to be.
he is *SO* special in my eyes. . .
not only is he my only boy. . . he came at a time when hope was hard for me to find.
he radiates joy. he radiates hope. he is an angel. Jude is perfect.
i am so happy and proud that i get to be his momma.

Jude is a very smart, happy baby. so happy!
his smile is infectious and he has the sweetest giggle.
he loves to eat. . . A LOT.
he loves to play. (especially with electronics!;)
he loves to snuggle.
he loves to flirt! goodness this boy flirts. . . i am in trouble when this guy gets older! good gravy.
Jude has taken his first steps and i am sure he will be running circles around us girls by summer!
he is mischievous and literally finds it hilarious to do things to rile up his sisters. . . he purposely ruffles the feathers in our house all the while sporting a HUGE two tooth grin on his cute, fat face! it is a hoot.

Jude is rough and tumble and certainly ALL BOY.
i love this little guy and cannot wait for all the fun and adventures we will have together.
although i am taking the time to enjoy him as a baby. . . he is growing up to be quite the little man.
Happy Birthday my Baby Jude!
we love you!