Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking the "Twiggy pledge"

i just *heart* Twiggy.
what an icon of fashion.
everything she wore was just right *on* in a totally groovin' way.
she was spunky and edgy. . . with the hair and lashes to prove it.

just gorgeous. . . wouldn't you say?
i miss that.
the style and chic. . .
everyone dressing up to go out. . .
HECK! you dressed up to go grocery shopping for crying out loud!
gone are the days of that. quite a shame.
i don't know about you. . . but i could handle a little bit MORE of that.
i can't tell you how i cringe EVERY time i walk into a Wal-Mart. . . gheesh!
just plain NOT right! seriously. feel like i need to *wash* my eyes after!

so. . . let's all take the "Twiggy pledge" and promise to try and glamorize our day to day with sixties style/retro chic.
don't get me wrong. . . i don't want to be on a soap box preaching what i don't practice. . .
i admit that i am a "true and through" tank top and hoodie gal. . . but i am going to try!
who says i can't wear a dress with pants and my converse?
no one.
so i am going to start dressing up my casual and try to be more like Twiggy . . . sixties style! ;)
i am taking the "Twiggy pledge". . . how about you?

grab this pic. . . post it on your blog. . . link back to this post!
let's spread the "Twiggy pledge"! ;)


Tasha said...

Oh man, now I feel bad about how frumpy I looked last night when you picked me up! Haha :)

Richele @ Studio D said...

I'm in. I'll take the pledge. I know I get into a rut. Like who cares how I look (besides my Hub), I am not trying to impress anyone. But, I think that can creep into other areas of my life.
BTW, I miss Ms. Twiggy as a judge on ANTM, she was always right-on and not as snarky as some others. And she still looks fabulous!!

Good post Hon.


Terese said...

I'm in! I love that idea of celebrating our womanhood by looking good. I wanna get me some of those eyelashes. Can I add the button tomorrow? My eyelids are HEAVY!

Jen said...

You have good taste! I love Twiggy, too!

minitoko said...

I'm in too ! But I'll start tomorrow coz right now it's hoodie and converse time for me :p
Thanks to motivate the woman and sixties fan in me...Have to leave my mum look sooner or later !

Anonymous said...

she's an inspiring style icon. i felt bummed out when she stopped being a judge on America's Next Top Model.

i take the Twiggy pledge! will post the button on my I Heart Blogs page.

Anonymous said...

i just came across this. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! twiggy is so fabulous, and what an awesome concept. lets all glam it up retro style today (and all days moving forward!) :)

Windsor Grace said...

I love this! And, I absolutely heart Twiggy. I used to have my hair cut like hers and I was thinking last night about cutting it again. I'm taking the pledge and have put your awesome widget on my blog.

jana said...

i am taking the twiggy pledge. thank u!!!

Evelyn said...

Super late posting this comment, but I just discovered your blog and love it to pieces! As soon as I saw this post, I had to share this one of mine... I love Twiggy!


Anonymous said...

Love that shot of her in the yellow dress! I think I may just have to pledge aswell.

L xo

Anonymous said...

Taken the pledge, posted about it and buttoned-up my blog - the Twiggy pledge is growing and spreading!