Tuesday, September 29, 2009

we are alive :)

just so you know. . . we are alive. . . and (bonus) back on Buffalo soil!

with the moving and being in Utah for 3 weeks. . . life feels off kilter. . .
almost like me and the girls were gone for years!

the house is in ruins and me and the girls got a sickness on the plane ride home (colds!blah!)
so. . . now we are just picking up the pieces of the house and literally just starting to unpack our totes.
did not unpack a single thing before we left for our vacation in Utah. . . that's right. . . the 100 totes i packed back in August. . . here i am a month later unpacking them! HA!
moving if a horrendous thing and i just wanted to THANK everyone that helped us!

the help was much needed and the man strength was SO wonderful!
i know that helping someone move is a sacrifice. . . so, thanks from the bottom of our Plant hearts. . . we really did appreciate the sacrifice on your behalves :)

anyway. . . we are well. . . post pics later. . . SO much to talk about and "catch" up on.
glad to be back :)