Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check this out!

click here and scroll to the bottom of the post. . . you may see a familiar baby ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pet Shop Love

Indiana is a girl in love. . . in love with Pet Shops that is!

she got her first one from my mom for her second birthday and the collection has grown exponentially since!
i have to admit that i am now into the Pet Shop craze and love to find new ones to add to indiana's collection :) i am on the watch out for some of the new ones coming out including a catapillar, a lion, a beaver and a FLAMINGO! (if you have been in my house it will make complete sense why i want the flamingo one :)

she loves to dump all of her pet shops into a pile and then have them go for rides in a van (as seen above). . . can you see the green one in the back of the pic? it has a type of bunjee cord on the top that she "straps" the pet shops into to go for rides. . . it is so cute :) indiana tells me the van is "from the eighties". . . he he he. . . she is her mother's daughter. . . you can tell i have said that before! ;)

Pet Shops are *wonderful* potty incentives and we actually got rid of her binkies by buying a Pet Shop clubhouse in exchange for her binks. . . let's just say that sometimes she likes the clubhouse and sometimes she remembers that she would rather have her binkies! which i thought by now she would have forgotten her "sucking" habit. . . but no! she is an elephant and "never forgets"! :)

anywho. . . thanks to nana for keeping the pet shops coming :)
otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford indy's new habit!

the loot ;)

p.s. a cute story. . . indiana the other day was trying to get Kendy to go into their room with her but Kendy showed no interest. . . so Indiana kept saying "come here Kendy". . . "come on baby Kendy". . . i finally went to go and see what the big deal about Kennedy following Indiana was and Indy told me:
"we are going to go and get married in the temple."
first of all. . . how cute!
second. . . how to explain that we go to the temple when we are older and more importantly with BOYS!?!
i explained to Indiana that she would have to wait until she was much, much, much, MUCH older to go inside the temple and get married and that she would go with a nice young man. . .
her reply was:
"but i love her!"

so sweet. . . i guess all you need is love ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

the Blythes

this pic was taken by no other than Danielle Thompson. . . she posted some pics of her Blythe dolls on flickr wearing the shirt that i made for her! part of the Kitschy Digital Guest Designer thing i am doing :)
i was so ecstatic to see my final product actually on the doll. i don't own a Blythe doll and i don't know if many of you out their know anything about Blythes. . . but they are a huge deal to a *lot* of people in the doll world!
i see the appeal but i certainly can't afford one right now (they can become very expensive toys)!
they have that ugly/cute attraction and have become quite the phenomena for a lot of grown adults out there. a kick back to the days of childhood i suppose. . .

anywho. . . Danielle is into them so i made her a shirt (the orange one) for her Blythe doll using her own Kitschy Digital design. . . the *oh* so cute mushroom. what do you think? it was my first time making doll clothes and i think it turned out pretty darn well :) says the humble girl :)

p.s. Danielle made the headbands. . . aren't they cute? i could see those on my baby girls!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Calling all Catan fans

i found these delightful catan cookies here. . . it gives a sort of tutorial on how to make them and some other AMAZING looking sweets!
i always want to make fun sweetie things like this but i am definatly not the best baker! ;)
one time i was making sugar cookies and ended up with. . . well, i don't know what! it was almost like a biscuit :) how the? is what i thought!
i would *love* to make something like this for Katie and Jacob!
maybe next birthday times. . . ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coming Soon :)

i am *so* happy to announce that i will be the Guest Designer for Kitschy Digitals at the beginning of May. . . hence the "coming soon" title :)
i have finished all of my projects but Danielle is holding off highlighting them due to recent Guest Designers being posted just this last week. . . click here to see the gorgeous work they did. . .
so inspiring and full of spring!

Danielle was kind enough to post a page i did using her KD kits on her flickr stream!
check it out!

also check out all of Danielle's pics on her photostream. . . they are to die for beautiful and so *full* of color! i love it when people don't shy away from color. . .
long live color and death to beige!
here are some samples of her pure delightful pics:

anywho. . . have a great day. . . Buffalo is so nice today that i can't stay inside!
p.s. all of my pics are so fuzzy when i view them on blogger! arghhh! it makes me so mad. . . let me know if they look blurry to you too? i hate it :(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golden Girls

no need to say much more than "this is AWESOME!"!
i *love* the Golden Girls! my mom and i used to watch this every day when i was in college!

some woman made the glitter portrait of the "girls" above and it just makes me smile.
what a great way to spend your time. . . wouldn't you say? ;0
glittering away your life. . . sounds like a great way to go to me!

i hope this makes you smile too :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tag Freebie!

Browsing the net and found these free Birthday Tags from Doe-C-Doe. . . very cute and vintage! ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

doesn't she seem happy? to live in such an era. . . sigh. . . seriously. . . i would have loved it! simpler times
p.s. who wouldn't love to wear those clothes? lovely beyond words! :)

Spring Cleaning can be fun!
i am weird in the fact that i actually like to clean (to a point) and organize! give me an organized drawer or closet and slap a happy face on!
this time of year always gets me crazy with wanting the house to have a literal overhaul. . . so here's to spring cleaning and the *wonderful* feeling when it is all done!
let's hope that i can find some shelving to help with my process :)
my craft room and the front/back porch areas are going to get the most attention. . . and Pace is definitely going to have to do something about his messy "den" in the basement! holy cow holy cow. . . i can't even walk down there without cringing from the grossness! :)
and how can a guy create or study in such chaos? i don't know. . . i guess to each his own ;)
p.s. to get me in the mood for some good ol' fashioned 50's spring cleaning i have been listening to the soundtrack from "That Thing You Do".
one of my *all* time favorite movies! the soundtrack is so peppy and full of nostalgic goodness! who wouldn't want to go to a concert and hear "The Wonders"?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Six Wives, Oh My!

Henry VIII. . . known as a very handsome man in his time "a face carved by angels". . . he is no looker in my book!

Henry VIII has been on my mind lately. . . I know it sounds strange but, Pace bought me the best book for Christmas and I have just had the chance to finish it. . .

The Six Wives Of Henry the VIII by: Alison Wier

This book was so enthralling that I literally could not put the book down!
It had all the historical facts but none of the dryness. . . the facts were laid out in such a way to keep you on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next (or in my case. . . why it happened next. . . it is not a well kept secret that most of his wives were sent to the chopping block!)

It is unfathomable to think that ONE man could have SIX wives in a life span of about 55 years (not to mention that 3 of them were within a 4 year span!)
Especially in those days where the average life expectancy was 30! It was documented that a woman peasant mentioned that on his 4th wife "how many wives will he have?"

Henry's six wives. . . I personally like Anne Bolyn and Anne of Cleves best! It is the opposite of what Henry thought! the first was beheaded on made up charges and the second was so repulsing to the King that he couldn't even consummate the marriage.

From a woman's perspective I would recommend this book to all you ladies. . . it has fascinating insight into the lives of women in the 14/1500's and gives you a new found respect for all of our ancestors. . . not just those poor six women who fell prey to this mighty King of England!

Karli's book rating: 9 out of 10

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ten months and counting. . .

Kendy loves to be a ham for the camera. . . and when i took her ten month pictures it was no different!

she is getting to be such a big girl. . . she has taken her first steps and talks up a storm. . . "mama, dada, indeeanae(her version of indiana), bye bye" and lots and lots of gibberish words. . . or how i like to call it. . . "ewok talk"! :)
she weighs 21 pounds now and that is a heavy weight in my mind!
just for perspective. . . indiana weighs around 25 pounds and she will be three in July! i am so used to a tiny girl that kennedy seems like "monstro" the whale! and a cute whale at that :)
kennedy loves indiana so much and is always looking for her. . . if indy goes into another room she will call out for her :) so sweet! sometimes you can even really hear her say "indiana". . . make my heart melt!
of course indiana loves her "baby Kendy" (that is what indy calls kennedy) too. . . indiana will help me "babysit" kendy by getting her diapers, "putting on" her clothes, and feeding her! we just have to be careful *what* she is feeding her! one time kendy had a peanut in her mouth from indiana's "healthy snack" (otherwise known as *trail mix*). . . not such a smart/healthy snack for a baby!
anywho. . . love my girls and all their crazy ways. . . and they are crazy!

Friday, April 3, 2009


this is my version of "twilight"

granted i have never read the books and the only perspective that i have on twilight is "A": watching the movie and "B": reading about it online. . .
i will have to say that i am not impressed at all by twilight :(

the movie was one of the most uncomfortable movies that i have seen in a while . . . it could have been great and i understand that they were going for something more "arty" but it was SO lost in translation!
i literally was uncomfortable in my chair with all of the up close shots of their eyes and the obsessive staring that occurred through the *entire* movie! the script was horrible and the acting sub par. . .
the scenery was beautiful and the best part of the show.
i don't know if the author wrote the books the same way. . . but the movie was definitely not a favorite in my book! but, hey, i love star wars and goonies. . . so my opinion is not too important for most people out there! ;)

sidenote: i have the twilight soundtrack now (so i am not all hatred toward twilight). . . which by the way. . . i recommend this soundtrack to everyone. . . very rockin' awesome! in particular check out the British band "the Black Ghosts". . . very fun to listen too! :)

i am sorry that i am being so harsh. . . because i know that a lot of you out there LOVE twilight. . . maybe i will have to read to books to give it a more fair chance but for now i am not so into the "twilight scene"

the picture above i couldn't resist taking. . . indiana *loves* to eat apples and my chance for a twilight parody was too much to handle
(which by the way. . . i so do not get the "apple" thing with twilight- guess you have to read the books to understand?)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"flick" it up :)

i was just thinking. . . has anyone out in my blog world seen my flickr images? and the answer my friends is NO! so go and give a perusing to my pics on the net :)
trust me . . . . if you know me it will definitely make sense. . . if you don't know me so well. . . it will definitely give you an idea of all that is *Karli* ;)

also. . . here is a *sneak peek* into what i have been up to lately for my Kitschy Digital projects. . . doesn't show much. . . don't want to give too much away for the big reveal!