Tuesday, February 24, 2009

poor kendy :(

does anybody know what to give a baby with the flu? Kendy started having flu symptoms on Friday morning and has not stopped since then! (indy and I both have it now too!)
she is so miserable and I don't know what to give her.
does pedialite really work?
any suggestions?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

brush your teeth

brush your teeth. . . and your dentist will be happy :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crawling. . . oh my!

Kendy is officially crawling!

she has been scooting on her belly since the first of January and now she has figured out how to put her knees under her! she started about a week ago and now she is cruising all over the house and getting into everything
indiana was not a tenth the curious gal as kendy. . . so basically i am in trouble :)
what a cute toad. . . just love her. . . i will miss the scooting on the belly though, it was quite funny to watch!
where oh where did this big girl come from? not a newbie baby anymore. . . :(

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Day of Love ;)


pace and i are celebrating our 5th Valentines together this year. . .
time flies when you are having fun!

our first Valentines Pace and i were dating and we had school and work. . . :( no dinner or very romatic stuff. . . he got me roses and a box of See's chocolates

our second Valentines was uneventful and i was very prego. . . Pace worked all night and i was asleep when he came home at eleven. . . i had to work the next morning :(

our third Valentines we had Indiana. . . her first Valentines. . . a very different way to look at and celebrate Valentines! a nice night at home filled with movies and changing diapers (pace had to work. . . again!)

our fourth Valentines we got a heart shaped pizza from papa john's and had fun watching indiana eat sweethearts and play with a Valentines balloon. . . i was also very prego again :)

this, our fifth Valentines, has been our best yet! since it is on Saturday, Pace has had no school (and no work, yeah!) and the girls are old enough to really get into giving and getting Valentines. . . Pace got me flowers and wrote me a very sweet letter. . . Indy is high on sugar (she has eaten Pez, chocolate, and two boxes of Sweethearts!) and Kendy is enjoying her first Valentines

my oh my. . . five Valentines Days' and two kids later. . . time does fly when you are having fun!

I love you Pace, Indiana and Kennedy!
I hope everyone else lives up this very special day of love!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

These are a few of my "unfavorite" things!

What would a night be without drunken hobos and sewage backup in the basement? well, i wish i didn't know. . .

Last night was quite fun and it all started a little before eight. I had just put indy to bed when i heard a loud banging on the outer door of our apartment house (we have an inner door that leads right into our apartment and, an outer door that leads to the hallway for both of the apartments in our house). Thinking that it was Pace who had forgotten his keys, i jumped up and ran out the door to open it for him. . . but the thing is that in the place of pace was some older african american gentlemen with a bag of beer cans in his hand. I immediately ran back inside and locked the door. I grabbed kendy and tried to be as quiet as possible. I thought, "well, hey, it might be our neighbors friend or perhaps a sales puke", but i thought wrong! I heard the door rattle and then a man yelling at the top of his lungs, "can and bottle guy!!!". He was right outside our inner door, or what we use as our front door! I was a bit scared and queited kendy down so that he would go away. Well, i didn't hear anything so i went back to my business and then pace called. He was asking about the guy and said that the Dave and Sarah upstairs were freaked out because they had given him some cans earlier and he seemed to them a hobo. He had come back for more but none of us wanted to answer our doors, well, anyway, they were scared that perhaps he hadn't left and was in our shared basement. Pace came home and we called the cops. . . when they showed up the cop busted out his gun and started yelling, "cops, come on out!". It turned out the guy wasnt' down in our basement, thankfully ;), but that is when we noticed that our basement was full of well, what we thought was water! the whole floor was almost covered (it is not even, and is frankly the scariest/oldest basement i have ever been in), the high parts were still dry but we were concerned because if it kept on going we might as well purchase some flood pants. I went downstairs to check it out for myself and knew immediately by the smell that it was not water but . . . sewage!
that is right. . . sewage!?@!?%?!!@!#!
the night was a bummer and was spent trying to find someone to come and take care of our "problem". we were up until two watching it rise and decided to wait until morning. . . roto rooter came at around eleven thirty and fixed it but, not a moment too soon! The water/sludge/sewage mixture was about to spill out into our hallway and towards our stairs to the upstairs hallway. what a blast to be in poopy waters! I am glad it is drained but we still have some clean up to do. . . good thing our landlord is finding someone else to do the cleaning up!

pics of proof:
the wooden pallets were completely under, needless to say. . . we will never use that microwave :)

measuring up the goop

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My punky brooster

Indiana had such a "punky" hairstyle the other day when she woke up. . . me thinks i will do it like this more often. . . she must show her love of the punk rock and all things crazy! ;)

i also wanted to share this pic of indiana reading her "bearenstien" books. . . we read at least one everyday. . . thank heavens for thrifting or else i would not be able to afford her reading habit. . . i am so glad she has a reading habit! does anyone else remember these books from their childhood? they were a staple in the Schooler home (that's right, my maiden name is "Schooler", much "cooler" than Plant. . . but wadda you do? i fell in love with a plant. . . and i don't mean foliage!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

oh deer kendy

she is my sweet girl. . . but an attitude lurks behind those huge doe like eyes

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my indiana

Indiana, I love you
a new page using kitschy digital s and my own creations

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Frog Prince

Kennedy's First True Love. . . a frog!

i did a photo shoot with kendy yesterday and i just love how it turned out
i found the princess hat at target for a buck. . . and the frog was thrifted
very cheap to set it up. . . and still very cute!
i can't wait until spring when i can take the girls outside for their photo shoots. . . my mind is racing with ideas!