Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Girls

these girls are *so* cute and make me the happiest momma alive!
the baby boy has been getting LOTS of focus lately. . .
but i wanted to showcase my two little ruby gems too (^-^)
these kids are muy importante to me. . . the most important thing ever!
they make my life bright and full.

February was a BUSY, BUSY month for us. . .
and March is looking to be even MORE busy and chaotic. . .
like that could be possible!?!

Indiana has been such a trooper with all that is going on and it makes me happy to know she is such an energetic and loving little girl.
she is already making lots of friends here and she is always keeping everyone around her in stitches. . . she says the cutest things!

we were talking about commercials on T.V. and Indiana was telling me about a Hot Wheels car wash that she is SO stoked about and wants for her birthday (which is in July. . . but it's never TOO early to know what you want!).
she was getting so animated about it and describing how the cars "change" their paint when they get wet. . .
any hoots. . . i reminded her that she had already told me about 20 other things that she "has to have for her birthday". . .
and she said. . .
"well. . . just buy them all. they will make me SO happy."
i informed her that we don't have endless amounts of money and so she will just have to pick and choose a few of her favorite things she wants when her birthday comes around.
she was not excited about that idea!
i told her that having all those things wouldn't make her happy anyway and she retorted. . .
"yes they would! i would be ridiculously happy if i had ALL those things!".
so much for an "after school special" message from her mother! ;)

Kennedy is such a stink. . . but cute to boot.
lately she has been going around declaring. . .
"i'm the baby!"
fake crying and wanting her "baba". . . the whole bit!
she loves it when we all coddle her and rock her and baby the crap out of her. which of course we all do willingly. . . she is just too cute to resisit!

we were trying to get Kendy off the binky. . . but this poor little girl has been sick pretty much non-stop since Christmas. i don't have the heart to take it away. . . too much traumatic things going on anyway!
from ear infections to the flu. . . she just can't seem to get a break in the illness department (poor thing never has!).
SO. . . the binky is still around and it is SO funny when my dad gets around her and takes it away! she points and cries and says. . .
"Papa more bobo!"
(bobo = binky)
even when Papa is gone during the week for work she will point to her "bobo" and say. . .
"Papa? mine!"
because let's face it. . . momma and nana just give in and give her the dang binky. . . we need a break in some department :)

as for me. . . hanging on.
just picture that photograph of the kitty hanging from a tree branch.
that's me! ;)
i will be making some digi kits soon (excited about that!) lots of ideas in my head and some already being materialized.
i will also open up "thegnomehut" etsy shop again soon too. . . our "vacation" will end soon enough! hallelujah!

Pirate Rockstar