Friday, August 21, 2009

HELP! :)

Help! we need some people's help! anybody's help. . . HELP!

you read it right. . . that very dramatic intro. . . we need some help!

we are officially moving TOMORROW MORNING and need help.
i am not the type to ask for help and rely on others. . . but this time. . . we have no choice!

Pace and I would BE SO APPRECIATIVE if whomever doesn't have something going on tomorrow could help us move.
with the girls and the mountains of stuff to move. . . we just can't do it on our own. i promise you will be blessed for your efforts. . . well. . . you might not get translated or anything. . . but, does the enticement of food and drinks help? :)

if you can come (which would make us jump for joy!) please arrive at our old rental at 10:00 a.m. (if you don't know our address. . . please contact either me or Pace and we will gladly give it to you. . . heard horror stories of posting your address online!) . . . we can pick up the U-Haul at 9:00 and so we are giving ourselves time to get things set up so that no one just comes and we are chaotic :)

thanks a lot if you can come. . . we REALLY would be SO SO SO thankful! :)
and we really do need the help :). . . tell your friends. . . the more the merrier!
thank you :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love. . .

. . . these Plants!
with all the craziness going on right now at this moment. . .
with the move. . . Pace starting school. . . both the houses in ruins!. . . painting. . . and just plain normal day to day. . . i am even more thankful for such a loving family. . . here's to next week coming sooner!
aren't they all SUPER CUTE?
classic family shot :)

oh, and. . . i have learned something during this two week moving process. . .
i own a LOT of junk!

it has really piled up now. . . since most of it is packed. . . about 80-100 totes worth!
did you read that correctly? 80-100 totes full of "treasures" that i just COULD NOT leave at a thrift store!
and, really, that is where 95% of it is from. . . thrifting!gah!
Pace is such a good sport about all of it. . . though he does forbid me to shop anymore until we move on Saturday (don't blame him. . . as i come out of a thrift store with arms abounding with sacks on Monday night! :) just couldn't help myself!)
do i have a disease?
or do others love the feeling that a good thrifting can give you?
oh, it's marvelous! :) just marvelous!
p.s. yes. . . i did find MANY more wonderful treasures lately. . . ironically, since now i have to move them! HA!. . . and i will take photos soon to share :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Indiana loves TMNT

new digi page of my Indiana
she loves new things all the time and her "kick" right now is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. . .
this is her "new" cup from Goodwill. . . she likes to drink lemonade in it. . . with a straw of course!

Danielle came out with a new kit call "Washi Tape Frames" (can you see i used it in this digi page?. . . it's purple!)
check them out. . .
they are SO versatile!
she is also working on some new wood grain frames that i can't WAIT to come out!
will be oodles of fun to use :)

this is her son Cam. . . isn't he cute?

packing is coming along. . . haven't lost my mind. . . YET!
can't wait to get out of the place we are in now. . . we call it the "mold trap on Winfear". . . HA!
anyone who lives around us will understand the "Winfear" comment. . . oh boy oh boy. . . will they ever! :)

moving soon but, painting first. . . yay!
i love to pick wall colors. . . granted i have never done it for myself before. . . this will be the first time i get to do it for our "own" home. . . lots of ideas swirling in my head. . . could go lots of ways. . . any suggestions or colors you have loved on your walls?
what is your favorite above?
maybe lighter?
or go bold?
who knows
can't decide

Friday, August 7, 2009

Up Late. . .

. . . it seems my WHOLE summer has been spent staying up late.
and i don't mean late. . . i mean LATE. . . like 4 in the morning!
i'm having a hard time sleeping. . . not to mention that now we are moving. . . i have SO much to do!
does anyone else do this? your brain can't stop. you just keep thinking about all you need to do and what you can be doing. . .
i have had this problem all my life. i am a night owl. i can get a lot done. . . but then i drag buns in the morning!
oh yes! buns drag! :) and then i don't want to do anything. . . hate that!

let's hope life settles a bit and then i can get some more sleep! :)
HA! with kids. . . not very likely!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Guess What?

that's right
you heard it here first folks
we are outta here!
well. . . outta this apartment on Winspear (not Buffalo, *sigh*) and onto a new apartment/FULL house (to ourselves!)

found it today
said we would take it today
Pace starts school on Monday
we will be moving around the 15th
i will have a stroke on the 20th

that's all folks! :)
(wish me luck!. . . super stressed right now! have to smile or i will just sit down and cry and NEVER get up!) he he he