Sunday, March 29, 2009

too exciting :)

i am so excited to say that i am going to be a *guest designer* for Kitschy Digitals!
Danielle (the owner) contacted me and wants me to be a guest designer coming up in April :)
i am so excited and so honored that she would pick me. . . the talent out there is so unbelievable and i am so excited that she thought i was worthy to post some of my scrapbook pages and crafts. of course i will be using her line of Kitschy Digitals in every project. . . which is no prob for me since i use them practically everyday!

i was traditionally a "paper" scrapper (and still do) but digital scrapbooking is just SO much easier with kids! it is all on your computer and you don't have too worry about chiddlers getting into stuff they should not be handling. . . such as scissors :). . . and the mess = no mess when you are on the computer!

i will keep you posted on what day she will be posting my projects on her blog. . . but i am thinking between the middle or end of April. i have been crafting like crazy this past week and i love getting some time to be creative. hard sometimes with two crazy, but lovely, girls ;)

i also got a new table this week. . . a table with two leaves and four chairs = twenty bucks! paint me happy! did i mention it is vintage? paint me double happy! it is black with a kind of houndstooth pattern in formica. . . AWESOME! want to see it? come and craft with me and you can ;) it is going to be my new craft table since the old one was very unstable. let's just say that it was vintage also. . . very *used*!
and finally. . . i thought i would share this *hilarious* pic of indiana!
we went to the buffalo zoo and she was getting such a kick out of watching the sea lions in the underwater viewing area. . . makes me laugh so hard :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gnome and Deer. . .

pillow love

My sister and one of my best friends (like a second grandma to my girls) in Utah had their birthdays this month on the 18th. . . so sad that i missed their big day. . . but i did make and send each of them one of this "mini pillas". i think they turned out pretty well for using iron ons. . . i used a Kitschy Digital set called "Woodland Lovers Mini Stuffie Kit". i just love Danielle Thompson's creations (Kitschy Digitals) and not to mention all of the other creative goodies that she makes on a daily basis!
talk about a crafty mom! i have gotten to know Danielle through e-mailing and i have something cooking up with her that i am really excited about!
i will reveal more when i have more details. . . but lets just say that i am crafting my little butt off right now. . . and loving every minute of it! ;)
Danielle runs and operates her Kitschy Digital Business and posts on the coolest blog around:
so check it out! her pics are to die for :)

anyway. . . had a great month. . . and thanks to all of the girls that made it to the card club! it was so much fun to just sit and chat (and get the most adorable handmade cards ever! seriously. . . the talents of you girls is just amazing).
so thanks. . . and can't wait till April ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

how fun to have two leprechauns this year :)
we took the girls to Beaver Island to have their pic taken and Indiana was not in a very "take my picture" mood :) as you can see from her *oh so* forced smile!
(a very "cheesy" grin from a ham of a girl :)
we had green pancakes in the morning and went for a "minty green" shake that evening at DQ. . . wearing green was a must. . . so no one in our fam got pinched!
hope everyone had a wonderful day. . . the weather was spectacular and has given me some much needed rejuvenation!
i can actually feel that this winter will end. . . at some point ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my girls

just a couple of new cute layouts of the girls. . .
kendy is such a big girl now
she grows like a weed and eats like a horse! (my cute tubby one)
indiana is a crazy pants and is growing too fast. . .
the pic of her was last year in April. . . she has grown so much since then!
she is definitely a tot and not a babe
can you believe that this summer i will have a one and three year old?
that means we will have been in buffalo for one year. . . only three more winters to go! (if this one will ever end!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday PACE :)

Happy Birthday PACE!!!

the big 2-6 today. . .
wow! jeepers! awesome! rad!
me and the girls love you so much and want you to know that we are so happy that you were born.
hope you have a wonderful birthday. . . even though you still have to go to class! :)
wasn't pace a cute kid?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oreo gal

Indiana sure loves her Oreos!
Pace has gotten the whole fam on a Oreo and milk kick. . . Indiana has no complaints!