Friday, April 30, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . polaroids

in honor of polaroids and all of their awesome-ness. . . here are pictures of polaroid cameras in the form of well, polaroids.

whew! {that was a LOT of times to say polaroid}

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sick Girl + French Paper = Our Thursday

we can't seem to catch a break.
poor little Kennedy.
sick again.
with the flu!
she has been sick for about three weeks straight?
it started with the croup. . . congestion. . . coughing. . . headache. . .
but now she is in the flu zone.
achy. . . fever. . . throwing up. . . shaky. . . sleepy and just down right miserable!
the poor little snuggly thing. . .
wish her well.
she needs it! :(

much of our Thursday has been attending to Kendy's sickly needs but. . . i had to share this!
i finally decided to order these prints for the girls' rooms (FrenchPaper):

this one is for Kendy's room. . . blue eyed study girl for our blue eyed chubby girl!

and this one for Indy's room. . . hazel eyed study girl for our hazel eyed long eyelashed girl!

i found French Paper through the notoriously famous "Pop Ink" books. . . {got them all!}. . . and fell in love when i visited the French Paper website.
talk about kitsch and pop art combined in the MOST gorgeous images and ephemera around! {oh! did i mention the humor?}

i found the posters HERE. . .
and you can peruse their HUGE selection of paper and gifts at

{psst! they have many companies nationwide that carry their wonderful paper. . . an Xpedx here carries it! go fig.
so check out to see if any of your local stores carry French Paper product. . . you might be pleasantly surprised!}

here are some other French Paper/Pop Ink products i wouldn't mind owning:

these wrapping papers! wow.
1960 called. . . they want their groovy wrappings back!

these decor boards. . . would spice up any niche of your home, don't you think?

and these notecards. . . shopping, anyone?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cabinet Cards for ONE dollar

it's One Buck Wednesday over at Jessica Sprague and this week you can get Kitschy Digitals Cabinet Cards for just $1.00!!!!!
great deal for great fun! ;)
but hurry. . . this deal lasts ONLY until midnight TONIGHT!

you can frame photos for your blog. . .
for scrapping. . .
for printing. . .
and for all around fun and cute :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

{two} *new* kits from Kitschy Digitals!

gorgeous *new* kits from Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals. . . available TODAY at Jessica Sprague!
lovely and retro filled.
can you say granny chic?
or carny-tastic?

well. . . they are!
take a peek.

aren't they the cat's meow!?!
now that you've seen a peek. . . go SHOP! ;)
hey! check these out. . . you can make cool stuff too!

{made by me using ALL Kitschy Digitals product. . . including the *new* kits! ;)

also. . . Danielle is offering her digital kits at 2Peas for 25% off!
wowza again!
but hurry. . . this offer ENDS TODAY!
click here to see her 2Peas kits.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holy Moley!

holy enchiladas. . .
holy macaroni. . .
holy chicken and rice. . .
HOLY {insert name of your favorite food}!!!!

it has been a WEEK since i posted last.
i don't think this has EVER happened.
well. . . not since i left Xanga! ha ha ha.

on a serious note. . . sorry Xanga.
you are not so cool anymore.
and that goes for you too MySpace. . .
Facebook has SCHOOLED you.
you got schooled.

this is the *exact* reason why i haven't posted in a week.
i get on tangents and then none of the things i plan on doing get done.
i need MORE organization.
in my mind. . . in my house. . . in my LIFE.
so many good intentions that seem to go wasted.
i have a MILLION things on my mind and i never seem to get them done.
i try to think it's because i am a stay at home mom that takes care of the two *sweetest* and *craziest* gals this side of the Mississippi. . . but, it MUST be me.
many other moms can do it.
so, i am going to try.
the first step towards this goal of "ULTIMATE time utilization" is to get EVERYTHING organized.
from craft supplies to "to do" lists. . . it all needs a good go around with some handy, dandy organization.
i wonder if Martha Stewart is available?
she could help me immensely, i am sure.
oh well.
i guess it is all up to me! ;)

any suggestions?
tips you do to utilize your time?
nice ways to organize (and maybe somewhat cute?)?

speaking of cute organization!?!
wow, wow, wow.

one nice thing that is getting done around here is yard work.
we are kicking our yards bum into shape and that feels SOOO good.
we haven't had a "yard" since being married (five years this summer) and we need this for our family.
the girls NEED room to play.
so, needless to say. . . our rental homes yard was NOT in the best condition when we moved in last fall.
talk about weed city! (and NO! not that kind. ;)

so, many hours are being spent lately tilling and killing and pulling and sowing and mowing and planting. i can't wait until it is all done.
we have a ways to go. . . but some big projects got finished this weekend.
it will be nice to finally have a yard to be proud of!
and actually use :)

hear, hear to playing croquet and having BBQ's this summer.
*ah*! sounds heavenly.

oh! on a final note. . .
sorry for all the unanswered e-mails and non-existent blog commenting.
i am catching up and will be purusing your blogs and leaving lovely comments this week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Geek at Heart

the truth of the matter is simply this. . . i am a GEEK at heart {to the *core* even}.

i play Nintendo while watching Battlestar Galactica and organizing my Star Wars figurines.
it's true.
i'm a nerd.

so let's celebrate "geekery" with some polaroid Friday:

vintage Star Wars figures ad. . . *swoon*!
remote control R2-D2? sign me up!

excuse me. . .
can i please *pretty* please have one of these shirts?
could this family be screaming their "nerd-ism" more?
i think not. awesome.
i want to be them!

eat your heart out Charlton Heston.

and lastly. . .
a Star Wars Holiday Special!?!
my eyes have never beheld this glorious-ness that supposedly exists. . .
anyone know where i can see it?
i would be GREATLY appreciative for any information on the behalf of finding this footage ;)

there you have it.
now go and get your geek on.

Monday, April 12, 2010

what the Retro Plant's have been up too. . .

{"New Moon" movie night. . .}
i decided to host a New Moon DVD release party at my house a few weeks ago. . .
i know!
i am a nerd.

but, in all reality. . . this girl's night was a BLAST and *so* worth your deserving jesting! ;)

i was pleasantly surprised to find that the girls that came were NOT only willing to listen to me talk during the movie (and make fun of it!) . . . but they were doing the same!

it was great to be able to laugh and just plain *enjoy* the cheese-ball fest that is this movie! ;)
seriously. . . it was cheesy, no?
but all in good, Twilight fun!

we had such a wonderful time and was a well needed "girls night" for this full-time momma.
we ate WAY too much candy. . . laughed SO very hard. . . and at one point Rachel, Stephanie and me were *literally* rolling on the floor laughing! thanks Tasha! ;)
we were having such a great time that we didn't even notice that we were "enjoying" ourselves until 4:30 in the morning! wow. needless to say i was beat the next day.

thanks Pace for watching the girls. . . what a winner of a hubby!
check out the New Moon goodies:

labeled bottles of Root Beer. . . what's your type? tee hee!

want to hear a joke?
Pace made this up. . . so, you know it's corny. . . but, here goes:

Q: Why did Edward leave Bella?
A: She wasn't his blood type!
ha ha ha

popcorn station

all the treats. . .
complete with red vines and New Moon paraphernalia :)

{Easter weekend. . .}
we had such a lovely Easter Sunday and enjoyed a day spent together as a family.
the girls were SO excited to see that the Easter Bunny had come during the night and left WAY too much chocolate, eggs and goodies! ;)
the girls and their Easter baskets:

she *loved* her Spongebob Squarepants socks best!
Kennedy loves her some Spongebob. . . one of her first words ;)

she *loved* her Kinder eggs best!
ever had one?
Kinder eggs are a wonderful German tradition that was introduced to my family by my brother after he went on his mission there. . . they are *delicious* hallow white/milk chocolate eggs that contain all kinds of fun/funky prizes inside.
mmmmm. . . so good!
(hint: they sell them in Canada! i was so excited to see them. . . and buy them!)

{Bunco. . .}
it was my turn to host Bunco this month and we had a wonderful time!
lots of eating. . . rolling dice. . . and laughing ;)
everybody wins a prize. . . so that is good! otherwise i would NEVER get anything! ha!
the prizes:

i made up little vintage gift bowls. . . mostly Pyrex and FireKing. . .
a great way to share my love of vintage dishware! ;)

{first time Flea Market-ing. . .}
found *the* coolest flea market here!
can you believe that it was my first time going last week?
never been to a flea market?
can you say *dream* fulfilled!?!
it was way fun (and quite nice due to some *very* unexpected warm weather here).

next time. . . bring TWO strollers and LOTS of snacks! ;)
the girls got a bit impatient. . . wonder why?
who wouldn't want to walk around a zillion vendors selling their junk-y wares? ;)
they actually really do enjoy it. . . MOST of the time. . . it's just that we went WAY too close to lunch time!
don't mess with us Plant girls when we haven't eaten. . . (especially Kennedy!)
empty belly = no good ;)

i got lots of goodies including a Vintage Japan Pose Doll!
a walked by a vendor and he said to grab a box and fill it up for ONE DOLLAR.
my heart almost stopped.
i just started grabbing. . . frantically. . . and this is what i found i got when i unpacked at home. . .
a stack full of vintage children's books. . . vintage linens. . . glassware. . . and this Pose Doll!
holy thrift!
i was ecstatic. . . isn't she sweet?

i love her chaotic hair! reminds me of Tim Burton! ;)

lots went on these past few weeks and now we are hoping to settle down a bit and get some projects done around the house. . . especially yardwork!
we already need to mow our lawn. . . yikes! it's loooooong!
the girls have been sick so much of that kind of stuff has been put on hold until this upcoming weekend.
let's hope we are all well by then!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Summer Lovin'

we had some SPECTACULAR weather here this past Easter weekend. . . we are talking in the eighties. . . i know!
holy wow! {reminded me of why i *want* to live in So Cal} ;)

while wearing my flip flops and shorts it got me in a "summer lovin" mood. . .
so this polaroid Friday is ALL about the joys of summer. . .

a cold glass of Kool Aid {Oh Yeah! i am a Kool Aid Kid 100 percent!}. . .

nice retro road trips. . .

long bike rides. . .

heart shaped sunglasses <3

and, of course! trips to Disneyland! ;)

so grab your flip flops. . . your Beach Boys LP's. . . and an In N' Out hamburger and join me in my summer lovin' mood! ;)

images found: weheartit

macaroons, anyone?

check out this ADORABLE and SCRUMPTIOUS digital *freebie* from my dear friend Katrina over at PuglyPixel. . . so cute. so delicious. so macaroons.
can't wait to use them in some projects!

get yours HERE.
thanks Katrina! ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mod Podge

it's Wednesday?
i am SO behind!
here is a mod podge of pics of what has been happening in our neck of the woods. . .

Poppy did the grocery shopping this week. . . all she bought was Cotton Candy! ;)
both of my girls have been on a sugar high since Monday!
(thanks Katrina for the re-ment goodies! LOVE them all. . . and so do Poppy and Eve)

i am SO on the "save the pink bathroom" agenda.
this lou is just gorgeous! and. . . i am very partial to the chalkware fish on the wall.

my sweet chubby cheeked girl is now 21 months!
she sure is growing up VERY fast.
wasn't she just a baby?
(get this. . . Kendy weighs 28 pounds now. . . Indiana weighs 31. . . they are two years apart and only three pounds away from each other in weight! ha!
no wonder EVERYONE asks us if they are twins when we are "out and about"!)

the other day Indiana had the request of becoming a pirate. . . i had to oblige. . . have you seen her face? too cute to say no! ;)
i whipped up an eye patch out of felt and found an old bandanna for her head. . .
she was SOOO into it. . . the floor was the ocean and she made Kendy's bed her "ship".
she made a treasure map (complete with an "X") and used a paper towel roll as her telescope. . . her treasure was a baby doll crib filled to the BRIM with toys, toys. . . and more TOYS!
too funny.
she went around the house saying things like. . .
"come me matey!"
"walk the plank you dog!"
"arghh. . . avast! there be the treasure!"

i couldn't help but snap some shots of her. . . and with her willingness to have her pic taken lately, her ham for the camera attitude is not hidden. . .
i didn't have to pose her at all!
she just went to town and started to make "pirate faces" (as she called them!). . .
silly, silly Indy.
love that girl.

we have been busy. . . and had a *wonderful* Easter weekend.
hope yours was nice too!
next on my list. . . spring cleaning!
organization. . . here i come! ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Easter

hippity-hoppity. . . Easter is on its way!
April. . . LOVE April.
the sun is shining. . . the flowers are a bloomin' and spring is in the air. . . *oh* and Easter!
i just LOVE Easter!
it has an air of peace and new beginnings.
i love that. . . because i need those often! ;)

hey. . . wotcha think of the chocolate bunny suckers above?
totally cute, right?
i have it on GOOD authority that the Easter Bunny is bringing some of them to our house this Sunday!
psst. . . want to know the Easter Bunnies secret?
he got them at the Dollar Store!?!
of all places.
the Easter Bunny was stoked beyond words! ( i know because we talk on a daily basis)
the chocolate is probably disgusting. . . but #1) kids don't care. . . #2) the kitschy/retro meter is OFF the charts! look at them cute faces. . . worth the "gross" factor 100 PERCENT!

any hoot. . . here is some Easter LOVE i found online. . . polaroid form!
so many wonderful images. . . hard to choose!




Hoppy Easter everyone!