Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pink or Blue? giveaway

what's it going to be. . . pink or blue?

one week from today we are going to find out what the new baby Plant is going to be. . . that's right. . . NO waiting for this gal!
i have to know if the little bean is a girl or boy! (^0^)

since we are so excited to find out the gender. . . we want you all in on the fun!
post a comment below of what you think the sex of the new babes is going to be (pink or blue? girl or boy?) and on next Tues. (Sept. 7th) i will draw a correct comment at random to win a fun surprise from this Plant house to yours!

so what is it. . . pink or blue?
guess right and you might be the *lucky* winner!

kits used: Minitoko

Better Late than Never?

i know that i promised to have the Vintage Blythe Sized Magazines in my Etsy shop last week. . . but, as the world can tell. . . that did NOT happen!
how about better late than never?

the Vintage Blythe Sized Magazines are now up for sale in my Etsy shop! yay!
stop by for a peek.
they are vintage.
they are retro.
and they are mini.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage Wallpaper

vintage wallpaper has been buzzing in my brain. . .
i pretty much think it is TOPS!

maybe someday when we have our own home i can decorate it all pretty with some radical vintage wallpaper like these:

i SOOO wish i could put this in the new baby's nursery. . . darling!

wouldn't the girls room look divine with this hung up?

and how about this in a seventies, groovy kitchen!?!

to dream a vintage wallpaper dream!

all image sources found here at LarkingAbout

Summer Sweetie

it's amazing HOW much this girl has grown up this summer.
she sure is sweet (^0^)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blythe Mags and wall art

been meaning to put these Blythe mags in my Etsy shop for a while now. . .
they haven't arrived YET. . . *but*, they will be there sometime this week.
i'll keep all you lovelies posted about it!

(seriously. . . these have been hanging around the Plant abode since SPRING! wowza!
i am SOOOO behind in all my endeavors!)

another one of my endeavors is to completely OVERHAUL this house of ours.
i need change.
i need more organization.
and, i am out to get it!
been getting rid of TONS of junk (and bringing in some new junk!) to get the home looking the way i'd like.

it can be a good thing. . . and a *bad* thing!
thank heavens i have a VERY patient family that allows me to be creative and kooky!

so, new wall art has been in order and i couldn't WAIT to hang up my handmade Minitoko in the baby's new room!
(that's right. . . Kendy has been "kicked" out of her room to make way for baby.
really, she wasn't "kicked" out. . . we weren't that harsh!
she insisted on sleeping with Indy. . .
because she really does LOVE Indiana's company and having a room buddy. . .
it's just a shame that Indiana isn't SO keen on the idea! ha!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niagra Falls Summer 2010

this little miss would have jumped over if we would have let her. . .
can you imagine her in a barrel? ;)

"dad, do you have a quarter?"

an over the border *MUST*. . .
yum yum in my tum tum!

SOOO much mist this day. . .
humidity, check!!!

two love bird NERDS!
(really, i think Pace would *DIE* if he saw i posted this pic!
he would comment on his chipmunk cheeks! tee hee!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Get your Geek On

come on folks. . . who doesn't want to "get their geek on?" is a BETTER question!

i am SOOO looking forward to this course offered by Katrina of PuglyPixel!!!
how about you?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


cool new kawaii site. . . well, new to me!

check her out folks. . . the illustrations are just grand.

wardrobe Expansion

i really am NOT one of those women who "loves" to be pregnant.
it's not that i am that vain or anything (i was fat before. . . and still am! ha!)
but. . . it's still rough to notice that NONE of your clothes are fitting the way they used too and that your pants are getting smaller and smaller and smaller.
granted. . . i am only four months. . . but it's already hitting. . .
i need a wardrobe Expansion. . . and mostly in the waistband area!

i was thinking of getting some Vintage Maternity items. . . but, they are harder to find than i thought.
this dress is a good alternative "retro" inspired choice:
i LOVE the detail of the skull buttons! so punk momma!
dress found HERE

i could always buy some Vintage Patterns and make something (that's all you can really find online that is PURE vintage). . . check out these AWESOME Maternity ones:

Betty Draper called. . . she wants her Maternity clothes back!
the bright colors and fun A-lines are right up this momma's ally!
found on ETSY

cool and comfy. . . just what i need!
don't you dig the floral fabric?
found on ETSY

anyone know any other places that have some cute, non-frump Maternity wear?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Calico Dreaming and S'mores

Calico Dreaming on such a summer's day!

awesome *new* kit from Kitschy Digitals. . .
"Calico Dream" .. . super cute seventies groovy, no?
and guess what!?!
it's on sale until Sunday!

even better?
ALL Kitschy Digitals kits offered through Jessica Sprague will be 30% off until this upcoming Sunday!
talk about SUPER GROOVY.

i was *so* happy to see this new kit. . .
especially since i had *THE PERFECT* pictures to go with it!
on our trip to Utah we went to North Fork to sizzle up some S'mores. . .
we had a blast enjoying the fresh mountain air and eating enough chocolate to fill up Willy Wonka's Factory! ;)

me and my mom are two peas in a pod!
check out all her *totally happening* vintage seventies picnic goods. . .
made the S'mores taste that much better!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Choice of the Week

found this children's book while thrift shopping at the D.I. this summer. . .

"Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox" by: Erin Dealy

it is a CHOICE book and i highly recommend it!
the girls really enjoy me reading it at bedtime.
did i mention that the illustrations would make *any* retro heart palpitate!
too cute.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Schooler Family

being in Utah made me realize how *important* family is!
(also *how much* i MISS the mountains! Rocky Mountain High, baby.)

we sure miss being able to see all of our loved ones on a regular basis and it was a real treat to spend some FUN, QUALITY time together!
see, i wasn't always a "Plant". . .
i was once a "Schooler".
the Schooler family is cool.
real cool.

padre Schooler

sister Sarah and Madre Schooler

nephew Liam Schooler

sil Erin and brother Kristopher Schooler

niece Avery Schooler and Indiana Plant

all the cousins
(Liam, Kendy, Ellie, Indy, Avery)

One Buck Wednesday. . . Granny's Attic!

oh my laws!
can it be?
Granny's Attic is only one dolla!?!

Kitschy Digitals digi kit "Granny's Attic" is one dollar *TODAY ONLY* over at JessicaSprague.com
hurry in. . .
it's too good to be true! (>0<)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help these two Adopt!

since moving to New York i have had the immense pleasure of meeting some pretty NEAT-O people. . .
and *definitely* among those "neat-o peeps'" is Ryan and Rachel.

talk about people you want to mold your life after.
loving, giving, selfless and just plain rad.
Ryan and Rachel *really* want children. . .
and honestly, i don't know any other couple who would make better parents.
please click HERE to read more about this wonderful pair and how maybe you can help them adopt a sweet, precious baby.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

POKETO. . . at Target!

Poketo at Target!?!
already bought a purse bunch and camera bag. . . and i am just beginning!
check here for some more FUN things to buy from Poketo!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

swim, swim, swim!

we had a blast on our trip to Utah. . .
and mostly what we did was swim, swim, SWIM!

my mom and dad (aka: Nana and Papa) have a *very* nice swimming pool in their backyard. . . *oh so* convenient and *oh so* FUN!
with 101 degree weather. . . you can't justify doing much else (^0^)!

my madre and i found the COOLEST pair of vintage "Ken" swim goggles at the D.I.
the girls couldn't wait to try them on!

and who could blame them?
super cool.

Dental Boards? check!

Pace got his Boards back and he. . . PASSED!
way to go Pace hubby!
so proud am i (^-^)