Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sick. . . again. . . *sigh*

Indiana is sick again. . . bummer city.
this is some mighty powerful flu!
it started yesterday and she was "up" all night doing what you do when you have the flu. . . not so much fun for momma and dada.
anyway. . . just complaining. . . we thought it was over and now it is not. . . i want this to END!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Going to the park is one of the girls *favorite* past times. . . {especially Indy's} and before the unpleasant flu this past weekend we went to Beaver Island and played on one of the best playgrounds we have found here in Buffalo.
The ocean is right across the street and the forest is right next to the park. . . it is one of those places that you read about but never expect to see!

Well, we *had* to swing on the swings and Indiana and Kennedy had a blast!
This was Kendy's first time on the swing and she ate it up. . . such glee!
To be a kid again. . . *sigh*

p.s. we are all feeling a lot better! so glad to be done with "pigs"! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sewage, bats, swine flu, ER, one- pound hamburger. . . and i'm just getting started!

Memorial Day Weekend. . . hmm. . . I've had better!
if you can imagine *anything* happening. . . good and bad. . . it happened to the Plants this past week!

Let's start from the very beginning. . . because that IS a very good place to start!

Some of you know that Pace brought home a virus last week and graciously passed it along to me (it is no surprise that I "caught" it, since I get EVERYTHING!). . . and we have been sick for the past week. Pace had it Sat. and Sun. and I have had it since Sun.
I haven't been this sick in a *long* time. . . and it is just dragging on and on and on. I know that I had the flu and had suspicions that perhaps it was the "swine flu" but just shrugged that notion off. I mean, come on, who gets the "swine flu"? people in N.Y. City and Mexico do. . . but not us in Buffalo, right?

It became very apparent that we had the "swine flu" when the girls started with symptoms Monday. . . very *high* temps, throwing up, chills, aches, tiredness, congestion, and sore throats. I called our Pediatrician and he confirmed what I had been dreading to hear. . . Buffalo has had cases of "swine flu" (news to me! so just be cautious, not paranoid, but cautious. . . especially those of you with babies/kids). . . and that is what the girls had (99.9% sure!). He told us not to worry but to just ride it out and if they weren't better soon than to take them in for an appt.
They have started to feel better (thank goodness) but Kendy has had the worst of it and Pace and I are going on ZERO sleep for the past four days!
We feel so bad for our little buggers but it is a *ton* of work to take care of two (highly) sick kids and we feel like zombies. From getting up every half hour to suck noses, administer medicine, clean up puke (gross!), doing laundry, giving baths (for cleanup and trying to break fevers), calming crying/fussiness and everything else that comes with the flu. . . we are ready for a relaxing summer break!
Did I mention that Pace and I *still* have signs of flu (congestion, coughing, sore throat)? So we feel like CRUD and are trying to hang in there!
{*thank you* to Ryan and Megan for thinking of us and bringing us a DQ treat! it helped us out a lot and the thought was literally so *sweet*!
Indiana can't stop talking about her "dilly bars" and how "Ryan and Megan brought them to us" :) thanks guys!}

So, if having the "swine flu" wasn't enough excitement for our Memorial Day. . . tip of the iceberg people!. . . we have dealt with, let's see:

1. Saturday our sewage backed up. . . again! had to call roto-rooter.
he came and took care of it. . . thank goodness! glad we caught it :)

2. Saturday night cleaned out basement until 1:30 in the morning and had some visitors. . . BATS!
we have BATS in our basement! come on!?!
saw them fly by and about had a heart attack.
so, how to get rid of bats, don't know, but is needs to happen soon!

3. girls got sick on Mon. and have been dealing with that since

4. rushed Kendy to the E.R. Tues. night because we thought she swallowed a magnetic fridge letter. . . turned out she didn't :) thank heavens!
also discovered she is getting THREE molars right now. . . the flu wasn't enough to make her fussy. . . so on top of it all poor Kendy is getting three teeth! oh goodness. . . :(

some FUN things we did:
1. went to Beaver Island for picnic. . . played at playground and beach. just love it there!

2. ate out with Ryan and Megan. . . always a delight!

3. planned Kendy's Birthday. . . she will be one next week (June 2nd)! keep Sat. June 6th open people! getting invites out today :)

4. went to see the "Martin House". . . Frank Lloyd Wright designed it. right by the zoo. very cool.

5. tried to go to the zoo. . . it was closed :( played at a park instead! :)

6. did some shopping. . . that is fun. . . at least for me!

7. went to "Cheeburger Cheeburger". . . Pace ate a ONE POUND hamburger by himself and got his pic taken for their board! he was proud (and so was I!) and very sick right after! silly boys :)

So, I've left some out. . . but you get the point! A very interesting holiday weekend, for sure! :)

please pray for MoJo

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a MUST have!

i want this new album SOOOO bad! say what you will, i love Steve Martin! he kind of reminds me of my dad.
cute, kind of old and sophisticated white hair. . . and i mean that in a good way! love you dad :)

see what i mean? Steve Martin eat your heart out! :)

p.s. word on the street is that Steve is supposed to perform on American Idol.
American Idol?
American Idol has never been cooler if this is true!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My first "polaroids" of the girls! Just found out about this. . . how is that possible?
the expressions captured show their true selves. . . full of craziness! :)
visit this site and create your own!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a Few things. . .

. . . I just wanted to THANK everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your loving comments and support for the work that I did using Kitschy Digitals! It was a blast doing it and I now have made a good friend too. . . thanks Danielle! ;)

Speaking of Danielle and all of the cuteness that she creates. . . check out this deal she is offering on her Kitschy Digitals digital kits. Up until May 23rd she is offering a "BoGo" on her digital kits! Buy One and Get one Free! Did you hear that? FREE! such a good deal for all of you crafters and scrappers out there. So stock up while you can! She is also releasing two new Digital Kits this Tues. . . you know I will be buying those this week! :) I just can't resist! good thing that Pace is such a good sport about all the time (and money) that I spend on my crafting habits! :) I got a good hubby, I do! Here are the two NEW kits:

Show ribbons? that is all YES in my book! ;)

"The Gnome Hut" was also listed on the 3creativesisters Etsy's treasury page. . . thanks to 3creativesisters for including my Houseboat! Here is a screenshot: Most people who know me know that I am quite an addict of Vintage Fisher Price and now I am dabbling in selling some (got to purge my own collection. . . not enough room to have it all!). . . you can see my "the gnome hut" etsy page if you want. . . I am going to be offering more in my etsy shop that is handcrafted coming up soon. . . just trying to find the time to make all the stuff that swims in this head of mine. . . I will keep you all posted ;)

I also wanted to share the artwork that I found of this *wonderful* woman. . . Lauren Gregg!
she rocks. period. You can download an awesome desktop wallpaper here that she designed for the blog "nerdist" and Chris Hardwick. . . that is if you want something quite geeky and all things nerdy to look at all day (I do! it is on my desktop RIGHT now) :). . . actually it reminded me so much of me and my friends from Harrisville that I made a pic with all of our names under our prospective geek equivalents. Shout out to Harrisville. . . I miss those care free days! Well, been very busy lately with just the normal routines and keeping up with my girls. Indiana has been such a stinker lately and saying the cutest things! good thing she is *so* darn cute. . . that little wild child :) My parents came to visit and while we were at lunch one day we were discussing something very serious (don't remember what?) but something with a serious tone and indiana just cuts in and sings "Let It Be". Just like that! We were laughing so hard! Can you tell that we listen to the Beatles a LOT in our home? what a funny, funny girl :)
Kennedy is going to be ONE in just a few short weeks (June 2) and I have been busy planning her party. The one year mark is a big deal in our fam and I can't wait to celebrate her big day! She is being more adventurous in her "walking". . . and just last night she walked across our living room floor from me to Pace. We are expecting her to be cruising here pretty soon. . . sad that she is so big. . . but happy that we have her to enjoy watching her grow up.

Kendy and her "baby beans". . . she *loves* this doll! she will drag it around the house crawling with one hand and dragging the doll in the other. . . it is the cutest when she snuggles her! she shoves her face right into the doll and nuzzles. . . Kendy is such a sweetheart!

Indiana wearing the *adorable* crocheted headbands that my sis sent to them just for fun (and because she is the best aunt!) Thanks Sarah! the girls love them ;)

if you didn't notice I made a new watermark for my pics (on the pic of the girls) and I am thinking of starting to take pics for people as a "photographer". I haven't got the details yet. . . but I would be cheap because I am just starting out in a "professional" sense. would anyone be interested? let me know :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IT IS TIME!!! My kitschy digital projects are up! :)

Yay! Yay! Yay! The wait is over! It is time to check out all of the *fun* projects that I made using Danielle Thompson's Kitschy Digitals line of products/digi files!
Cute little intro collage. . . don't you think? Danielle is the master of cuteness and craftiness :)

I am so glad that Danielle chose me to use her amazing products to make some fun stuff to showcase on her Kitschy Digitals Blog. . . Danielle has been so sweet (not to mention generous) to me by letting me have this opportunity to show some of my work. She is such an amazing woman and mom and a well of beautiful ideas and craftiness galour!
Thank you Danielle. . . you are the best! ;)

Go check out what I did. . .
and give a shout out for the Karli. . . I am proud of myself. . . I know that isn't humble. . . but I am proud! ;)

new pic addition to Danielle's blog! you can see mine and others projects using her line of Kitschy Digitals! ;)

Baby bib

I want to make some bibs like this for the girls. . . wouldn't these be cute for just wearing and not for catching food!?! you better believe it!
I better start embroidering today so that they will be done by the time the girls are in their twenties! :)

p.s. the Evans invited us over for dinner on Sun. for Mother's Day (which was *wonderful*). . . and the reason why i mention it is because Stephanie wore her apron while we were there and i *loved* it!
my grams, my mom and i all do that! so cute Steph. . . and thanks for an awesome meal. . . you guys are so nice! :) thank you Steph, Travis and Collin!

Monday, May 11, 2009


her eyes are just too much. . . blue as Dorothy's dress on the wizard of oz
such a sweet girl. . . hasn't she gotten big?

this was taken today right after she woke up from her nap. . . not so happy that momma plopped her down for a few pics. . . she was literally still trying to wake up! i think it is cute. . . she was giving me a kind of scuzz. . . he he he ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Girls just wanna have fun!
playing in photoshop. . . a great way to waste time that i DON'T have to waste! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day
to all you ladies out there!

if you are a first time mother's day gal, going to be mom, a girl hoping someday to have kids or maybe this is your 30th mother's day. . . i hope it is the best one yet and that you know what a *special* mom you are. . . or are going to be! :)

my mom is my best friend (besides my two little angel girls and my one rad hubby) and i am so glad that i have such a *wonderful* mom to show me how to love and nurture my chiddlers. . . mom, you rock! i heart you :)

i also want to say that i *love* being a mom despite all of the frustration and patience needed to be one. . . being a mom may not be the most glamorous job in the world but it is definitely the most gratifying that i have ever done. . . or ever will! :) i love my girls with all my heart and wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the universe!
happy mothers day :)

p.s. how cute! vintage cards showing love for mom. . . i just *adore* the one for a wife from a hubby. . . awww ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eleven Months

Kennedy turned 11 months today!
She is going to be ONE next month!
I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. . . we moved to Buffalo when she was just 2 weeks old! She is such a sweet child and so happy (most of the time :). . . she is so crazy that I don't know how to describe it! Her personality is *so* full of life and spunkiness that you can't help be happy when you are around her.

At 11 months she is crawling around the house at lightening speed and has taken her first steps. . . she walks around all the furniture in the house and has even started to walk from one thing to another. She will walk if we hold her hands/hand but is still a bit wobbly. . . I don't understand how it works though. . . it is quite funny to see such a short-fat legged baby trying to walk! :) chubby thighs are my favorite on babies and Kendy has those! We call her the "tank" because nothing stands in her way. . . and I mean nothing! She is even trying to climb up onto drawers, beds, whatever she can try to climb onto :). . . even Indiana!

She is talking a *lot* and is becoming a pro at calling out for her sister. . . "Indeeanaa!" She doesn't say "mama" very much but she sure loves to say "dada" :) and "byebye". . . she usually says those two things together :(. . . sad, I know!. . . at least she knows and loves it when Pace comes home again :). . . she is definately a momma's girl though. . . my back reaps the benefits of that!

She is such a GREAT eater and that is quite a change from her big sis. . . she is eating just about everything under the sun except for milk (which we will be starting soon) and nuts. . . we don't want any allergies!

She was the best thing to happen to our family since we had Indiana and I cannot imagine not having her. . . even though we didn't plan on having Kendy as soon as we did. . . I know that Heavenly Father knew better. . . her and Indiana are the best of friends and anyone out their who has a sister knows what I mean about the bond you share with a sis. . . since we did move away from all of our family out West it is so wonderful to know that "my girls" have each other! Indiana would be *so* lonely without Kennedy and our family wouldn't be nearly as much fun! She is such a precious baby and we love her so much. . . it is sad to think that soon our "baby Kendy" is going to be a big girl but we will relish every minute of it!

Love you baby girl ;) Happy Eleven Months