Monday, November 30, 2009

Pugly Feet Press

Katrina from the *lovely* *inspiring* *gorgeous* blog. . . Pugly Pixel was SO generous in posting some of my pics on her blog as part of a NEW segment she is trying called "Flickr Fave".

knock me socks off!
so excited to have such sweet and radical press!
thanks Katrina. . . you are the cat's meow!

go and check out Katrina's blog. . .
and her Flickr stream. . .
and her photo blog. . .

they are just spectacular!
her style is so. . . ON!
mod granny and retro sweet and a little bit punk? is that the right word?
anyways. . . i LOVE it! ;)

also. . . i dig the shots she does of her feet. . . i WISH i had that many shoes! *swoon*
see those at her photo blog.

thanks again Katrina :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy TURKEY day!

happy Thanksgiving to you. . .
from the Plants

i decided to dress the girls up this year. . . indiana was SO excited to have another reason to put a costume on. . . Halloween wasn't enough for her!

indiana wanted to be a Native American and i had Kendy be a turkey.

i got indy's costume from a thrift store (Old Navy brand)
and i made Kendy some turkey feathers out of felt.

cute turkey butt

our turkey day was laid back and very FUN!
it was a day full of turkey and mashed potatoes (more than an army could eat!). . . we saw Santa in the Macy's parade this morning. . . and we watched NO football. . .
my kind of Thanksgiving! ;)

next on the agenda. . . decorate Christmas tree
fa la la la la!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitschy turkeys for your Kitschy feast

as you may have seen in my previous post. . . i made some "kitschy" turkey's with pine cones, pom poms, wood grain contact paper and Kitschy Digitals feathers. . . they are center pieces for our Thanksgiving feast.

my sweet friend Danielle Thompson was wondering if i could do a "Kitschy Thanksgiving" set up and display my turkey's for a blog post for her. . . and HERE is the result!

thanks D for posting my pics and glamorizing my un-glamorous pictures!
go and check out the blog post she did for more info. . .

it was SO much fun to set up a "kitschy Thanksgiving". . . which to me = Pyrex, old dinnerware and turquois melmac!
and frankly it doesn't get more kitschy than granny crafts that involve pine cones! ;)

they are SO easy to make. . . so go and get some pine cones, pom poms and the KD digital feather file and start gluing so that you can make some for your feast tomorrow too!

ALSO. . . Danielle is offering some "Black Friday" deals in her shops (Tiny Bazaar and her Kitschy Digitals/Goods). . . so go and check out what discounts she is offering HERE!
you won't be disappointed! we are talking up to 30% off. . . very neat-o!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kendy's room

since moving. . . we have more room.
more room = that each of the girl's get their own rooms.

it's terrific!
from nap time to play time. . . it's nice to have two separate areas for the girls.

at first i was hesitant to separate them. . . they do like being together. . . but the transition was easier than expected and now i think the girls LIKE being apart.
at least. . . Indiana likes not having to listen to Kendy getting up all night! ;)

so. . . here is some pics of Kendy's room.
her room has a nursery vibe. . . she is still a baby. . . Indiana's room is more "little girlish". . . but Kendy's room has Vintage Baby written ALL over it!

Kendy's vintage night gown. . . she used to be able to fit into it!

Kendy's bed. . . we re-vamped a vintage crib and turned it into a toddler bed. . . easier than i thought!
it fit perfectly into her room's theme and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture we own.

KM. . . for Kennedy Michelle
i also used vintage sheets for her curtains. . . the pink looks so cute in her room

we didn't re-paint the room that Kendy lives in when we moved (if you didn't know. . . we basically repainted the ENTIRE house. . . except for the kitchen and a bedroom upstairs. . . which is where we put Kendy)
the color is NOT exactly what i would have chosen. . . but it was acceptable. . . and now i actually like it!
we call it the "Circus Peanut" room. . . because that is what the color reminds us of! :)

so. . . i went with a "orange creamsicle"/pink color palette for Kendy's room.
with punches of yellow.

play kitchen phone. . . it is a vintage "little tikes". . . well. . . 80's vintage!

vintage FP jumping jack crib toy. . . circa 1960's.
since we used a vintage crib for Kendy's bed. . . i still get to hang all of her vintage crib toys on it

i actually LOVE Kendy's room. . .
despite the fact that i didn't choose the main color her room revolves around.

Friday, November 20, 2009

polaroid Friday. . . New Moon

this week my polaroid Friday is inspired by the release of the *new* Twilight movie. . .
"New Moon".

now. . . i will admit. . . and have before. . . very vehemently, i might add!. . .
that i did NOT enjoy the first Twilight movie.

but. . . i had never read the books and so i was willing to at least read them and give the series a try.

this past week i read all four books and must admit that they were good.
not the best books in the world. . . i still stand by my J.K. Rowling, she basically rocks!
but, the Twilight series books were enjoyable to read.

on that note. . . i decided i had to see the next movie. . . just to see what they did with it.

so, last night a couple of my friends and i went to see the 12:01 a.m. showing of "New Moon". . .
i know! WHAT!?!@#?!

this fact is embarrassing to admit. . . i am a 25 year old mother of two. . . come on!. . . but it was still fun and silly.

me, Rachel and Tasha had SO much fun laughing and gasping with all of the other teenage angst girls there. . . and BOY OH BOY. . . were their girls there!. . . they came out in FULL force.
but that is what made it that much better. listening to them get all excited and laugh and just enjoy the movie in a public setting without "holding back" their emotions.

i think by the end we were all on "Team Jacob". . . you should have heard the crowd when he took his shirt off! TEE HEE!
it was hilarious!

all in all. . . this movie was better than the first. . . in my opinion. . . but it was still corny and the acting was, well, interesting.
so. . . if you like Twilight. . . go ahead and give the "New Moon" movie a try.
but, it's no Star Wars!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blythe Show Ribons!!!

i have FINALLY finished some Blythe show ribbons and they are now in my Etsy Shop. . . The Gnome Hut.

Blythes are becoming the new obsession of mine and i can't help myself from coming up with new "accessories" and things to make for them. . . next on my list. . . jewelry!

i will be putting up some jewelry for Blythes in my shop next week. . .

but let's not count my little chicks before they hatch!. . . let's focus on the fact that i finished some show ribbons and they are now looking for some new homes. . . so go and check them out. . . ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turkey time anyone?

turkey time R-O-C-K-S!

turkey is about my favorite thing to eat. . . with mashed potatoes. . . and gravy!
oh man, oh man!
gettin' too excited already for turkey day. . .

keeping that in mind. . . ahem!. . . i would like to introduce a fun craft project i made to get ready for some turkey:

i used the "Monotone Fresh Feathers" kit from Kitschy Digitals.

i re-sized the feathers in PS on a 8.5 x 11 canvas to make them smaller. . . cut. . . pasted into a pine cone. . . added some embellishments. . . and PRESTO!
a gobble, gobble turkey!

very fun and easy to make. . . i did this with Indy. . . and she is three. . . so, pretty easy peasy! :)
so, this is a GREAT project to do with your little ones before turkey day arrives!
wouldn't a bigger one make a great center piece?

Friday, November 13, 2009

late polaroid Friday. . . my girls

this weeks inspiration was something simple for me.
my girls.

love them more than words can say. . .
they also DRIVE me crazier than words can say.

nothing like in ALL the world.
who else can say that they spent their day watching 80's acid trip movies like "my little pony" and "rainbow brite", PLAYING with barbies/pet shops and enjoying youth. it's pretty fantastic. :)

now. . . don't get me wrong. . . their is still all the "other" stuff. the not so fun "stuff".
but that stuff seems to be fading from my mind right at this moment. . . well. . . maybe not completely faded!

talking about you Kendy! like when you mashed up all the Goldfish today into the couch. . . WET Goldfish! argh!

or Indy. . . i didn't forget about you either girl. . . like how you colored ALL over your car seat. . . and car door. . . and car window. . . and yourself.
that was possibly THE hardest thing to get off. . . crayon on a car door! dang goo-gone. . . why did your magical powers not work!?!

good thing i didn't even think about those things, huh? :)
cuz. . . being a mom ROCKS!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

indy's art

art that is hanging in indy's room.
been long coming. . . but finalizing things in our new home :)

the Eden girl prints were thrifted and the Kidney print was bought in Disneyland.

i about *DIED* when i saw these last illustrations by Kevin Kidney in D-Land.
so terrific and reminds me of my childhood.
retro sweet!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

eye candy made with Gnome Hut Digi Kits

i just had to share some *wonderful* projects that people have shared with me who have made projects using my line of digi kits. . . it really feels surreal (and fantastic)!

everyone has their own way to make things "theirs" and i LOVE how each of these people used my kits in their own unique way. . . in ways that i couldn't even dream of. . . in ways that ROCK!

that is what is SO great about digital kits and crafting/scrapping in general. . . it's great to see how other people use their creativity. . . in a different way than you would. . . and that is what spreads inspiration and love ;)

to begin. . . here is a project by Stina. . . my great friend from Sweden:

look at this charming banner!
she printed out my Wood Grain paper and then made this SUPERBLY adorable banner with pictures of her family on it!
you can see more here at Stina's blog. . . Sagolikt Pyssel ;)
i just love how versatile wood grain is. . . it can be used for pretty much anything!!!

next is this ADORABLE digital scrapbook page from Karine. . .

doesn't her daughter look the cutest?
she used my Wood Grain paper and Gingham Trio kits. . . i LOVE how she made the wood grain "see through" and how she used the owls from my FREE Kawaii kit.
just so sweet. . . she also used Kitschy Digitals. . . tee hee! you know i love KD!

speaking of Kitschy Digitals. . . ;)
here is a cute compilation that Danielle made using my Gingham Trio kit. . .
do her dolls not look PERFECT!
the cutest costumes eva'!

"hi girls!". . . you look fantastic as clowns ;)
Danielle used a digital kit from another friend to make the super cute trick-o-treat bags. . .
Chelsea Ann. . .

Chelsea Ann also used my kits to make this fantastic digital scrapbook page (click here for more info from her blog. . . she also used some stickers from a kit that she is cooking up for the future, yay!). . .
we each had the same idea of "retro shapes". . . funny, huh?
not planned. . . but they look GREAT together! :)

she used my Retro Shapes paper and some Kitschy Digitals. . . we both have a KD addiction!
but. . . frankly. . . who wouldn't!?!
this page is just SO retro cute! i love how Chelsea Ann "cut out" some of the shapes from the paper to make little stickers. . . such a great idea :)

lastly i wanted to share a cute blog header that my "cousin" made! Terese is married to my hubby's cousin. . . so what does that make us? cousin-in-laws? i don't know. . . but she is SO creative and an AMAZING photographer. . . go check out her photo blog. . . teaplant photography.

she used my FREE Kawaii kit. . . i just love kawaii. . . and this blog header is just too much "kawaii"! love it Terese :)

can't wait to see more in the future. . . so keep it coming folks!

Friday, November 6, 2009

polaroid Friday. . . Boopsie Daisy

this week my polaroid Friday is highlighting Missy Munday. . . aka: BoopsieDaisy on Flickr.
Missy's work is extraodinary, unique, full of color, fantastical and candy covered!
every time i see a new project or picture from Missy my little heart swells with delight!
i like to think of Missy as the "Queen Frostine" in this our life of "Candyland"!

if you have seen her photostream or visited her etsy shop: BoopsieMart. . . you know what eye candy i speak of. she is just amazing and her photos are sure to inspire anyone!

so please check out Missy's photostream and her shop.
you won't regret it! ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

introducing my Blythe

i finally got me a Blythe.

she is everything i thought she would be. . . cute. . . big headed. . . and SO fun to photograph and dress up!
it's like having another little girl. . . except this one doesn't talk back! ;)

i got a Simply Peppermint. . . and i highly recommend her to all you lovers of Miss Sally Rice.
her hair is the PERFECT shade of mint green! and i was going to give her bangs. . . since. . . well. . . i didn't know if i wanted "all that forehead". . . but. . . I LOVE ALL THAT FOREHEAD!
so bang cutting went out the window. . . at least for now.

i got her in the mail on Halloween. funny, huh?
so i decided to name her Eve.
as in "All Hallow's Eve".
i also thought since she is my first Blythe that naming her after the first woman was befitting.
here she is:

i just love her and i already want another. . . it is quite addicting. . . the Blythe world!

speaking of the Blythe world. . . my head has been spinning since i first knew my Blythe was coming on ideas of "stuff" for Blythe.

every Blythe needs a wardrobe and of course some accessories.
so i am going to be selling some of my Blythe creations in my Etsy shop coming up soon. . .
right now i have been working on something that i am REALLY excited about. . .
show ribbons for your Blythe!

i have a handful done and many more in production. . . but here is a sample:

many more to be released in my Etsy shop. . . and i will keep you all updated on that!

Blythe has so many options. . . from clothes to accessories. . . its fun to customize your Blythe and take pictures of them in their world.
like i said. . . the Blythe world is VERY addicting!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Kawaii freebie for all you lovely people out there. . .
to help kick off my new line of Digi Paper Kits i am offering this lovely digi paper duo.
inspired by my love of Japan and all things cute. . . here is a duo of Kawaii "cute" papers.
just click the image above and it will take you to the link. . . download and enjoy!

also go and check out my other new digi kits in my shop. . . thanks!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Digi Paper available today!

The Gnome Hut is proud to announce that it has three Digi Paper Kits NOW available in my Etsy shop!

been looking forward to this for a LONG time. . . and so happy to share it all with you :)

everything is up in my shop and ready for your crafting/scrapping needs!
i am SO excited about this and hope it is the beginning of many more "The Gnome Hut" ventures!

i have the Gingham Trio digital paper kit:

i have the Wood Grain digital paper kit:

and the Retro Shapes digital paper kit:

all are versatile and can be either used for digital scrapping/crafts or for traditional paper crafting.

i saved all the files .jpeg so you can open them with ANY image software program!
just open and print for making paper scrapbooks, crafts or hybrid art.

sample page made with the Wood Grain kit and Retro Shapes kit.
other elements all provided by Kitschy Digitals:
Prize Ribbons or Rosettes

thanks for stopping by and go ahead and check out my shop! :)