Tuesday, September 28, 2010


new braided kit from Kitschy Digitals!!!
so sweet.
it makes me want to eat some cotton candy!
you can buy it HERE (^0^)

Monday, September 27, 2010

the Force

what do you do with your time in the middle of the night when you have a MILLION other things you *should* be doing?
well. . . if you are a geek like me. . . this:


*WAY* better than the original

may the force be with you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner

i am pretty stoked for Halloween this year.
(well. . . i guess technically i am EVERY year!)

the girls get me super pumped about All Hallows Eve and i can't wait to start decorating and making some cute ~spooky~ crafts *new* for this year!

Halloween is just around the corner. . .
i have seen it *pop* up all over in the stores.
(including those delectable, irresistible FUN sized candy bars!!! *drool* speaking of which. . . i would kill for a Butterfinger right now.)

also. . . the new line of Martha Stewart Halloween stuff is just to DIE for! (no pun intended)
i thinks i will be buying mucho gusto of it :)

all products found at Michaels

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kendy Photo Shoot (number one)

i've decided i have NOT been taking enough pictures of the girls all decked out and "set up" for adorability.
i am a huge fan of candid, sweet photos. . . let's face it. . . pretty much my entire photo library is candid moments (which i LOVE!) but, sometimes a girl wants some other types of shots!

i am committing to taking some "fu-fu" pictures of the girls once a month.
i have a ton of ideas for photo shoots and this is a great way to get them out of my brain and into my camera :)

Kendy photo shoot number one:

Kendy was pretty grumpy when we took the shots (notice the "pout" picture!). . . but we managed to squeeze a few smiles out of her!
she is not the best when it comes to "let's sit still and be cute and get our picture taken". . .
i leave that to Indy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Typical Reaction

typical reaction i get when i ask. . .
"just ONE more photo, please!"

First Day of School. . . Indiana Style

Indiana had her *FIRST* day of PreK this past Monday!
it was quite exciting and yet quite sad :(
it's hard to see your little ones grow up so fast and begin life on their own.

Indy's outfit for the first day of school. . .
she picked it out ALL by herself :)

Indiana (of course) was ecstatic to start having real "school time". . .
she really does LOVE to learn. . . and play. . . and did i mention she is a social butterfly?

her teacher's are *amazing* and SO fun.
since she has started on Monday they have:

played in the "water tank"
painted pictures
had family style lunches (including pizza! she was REAL excited for that!)
played dress up
looked for buried treasure
had music class
learned *new* songs to sing
sculpted play doh
read books
and so on and so forth. . .

she really has enjoyed this time apart from home and just thinks it's the coolest that she gets to ride the bus!

lucky, lucky girl (>0<)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beach Babes

Crystal Beach
Summer 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pink or Blue? It's. . . ?


can you honking believe that!?!
a blue Plant bean.
a cute baby boy!!!
we are *very* excited!!! but, a bit apprehensive!. . .
what do you do with boys!?! (^0^)

i have been in girl zone ALL the way for four years now. . .
i guess it's no time like the present to switch them gears!

the ultrasound went great but, baby boy Plant was not being very cooperative!

we didn't get a profile pic of his face. . . darn boy!

already difficult and WAY different than my girls :)

everything was wonderful physically and the babes is. . . as Dr. White said. . .

"a perfect, cute baby boy!"

but enough of my jibber jabber. . .
let's get on to the winner of the giveaway!!!
nine of you lovely peeps guessed "blue/boy". . .

here is the random number generator:
and the fifth comment/person to vote "blue". . . IS. . . :
Fritzi Marie!!!

"I'm voting blue.
A baby boy will mix things up a bit.
Regardless, that baby will be the cutest.

Fritzi Marie"

congrats to you Kat! love you girl!
i will be e-mailing you soon about your surprise :)

thanks to everyone and your *sweet, thoughtful* comments!
your all amazing. . .

we LOVE being able to share this exciting time with you.

now, to come up with a name????

Monday, September 6, 2010

Minitoko and The Gnome Hut freebie collab!

Julie from Minitoko (aka: queen of kawaii) is the SWEETEST gal around and agreed to collaborate with me (the Gnome Hut) on a *FREE* digi kit for all the world to enjoy!

introducing. . .
"Bambi Rainbow"

it's Bambi. . .
it's Rainbow. . .
and it's all put together in a kitsch-i-fied digital freebie!

sample pages:

Julie's scrapping genius!
. . . and *beautiful* baby boy. . . Oto!

my sweet indy. . .
hanging with monsieur Bambi (^0^)

i can't handle the *sweetness* of this kit!
vintage Bambi's!!!!
get outta town CUTE!
did you know that the vintage Bambie collection belongs to miss Julie?
really?. . . how dang *neat-o* is that!?!
(p.s. her house rocks the casba!)

i really have to give Julie many, MANY props and kudos. . .
she did pretty much MOST of this kit and i couldn't have asked for a better collab partner. . .
i love you Julie!!! your tops!

so click HERE to get some "Bambi Rainbow".
let's hope this is NOT the last of many collabs to come! (huh, Julie? ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vintage Fabric Deco Tape. . . freebie!

could these be *ANY* sweeter and vintage!?!
they remind me of the good ol' days. . . back when people worked the land. . . made quilts. . . and had *hot* steaming apple pies on their window sills.

made by the *FANTASTIC* Katrina of Pugly Pixel . . .
and guess what? they are FREE. . .
click HERE to get yours.

thanks Kat!