Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i am stressed.
SO SO SO stressed out.
many reasons. . . none of them practical. . . of course! ;)

any one else do this?
struggle to "keep calm and carry on?"
how about "now panic and freak out?"

that seems to be me lately. . . just ask my poor little fam. . . they get the "butt-end" of all of my emotions.
isn't that intriguing.
we are the nastiest to those we love the most.
i guess close quarters can do that.
maybe that is why pirates were SO mean?
that and scurvy.
i hear scurvy is NO fun.

well. . .
off to stress some more. . .
and maybe get some stuff done!
the girls are in bed. . . so now is my chance!

p.s. pray for mojo.
*oh*. . . to leave on a happier note. . . Kara Haupt from "I just might explode" is graciously offering the above photo as a digital paper freebie!
thanks Kara!
i will go and use it. . . maybe then i can relax a little bit! ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sixties Blythewear

the sixties were wonderful.
granted. . . i wasn't "around" then. . . but i can just tell.
just watch Mad Men. . . you'll see.
the sixties were WONDERFUL.
here is the vintage Barbie case i got on Craigslist. . . finally had a chance to upload my pics! ;) yay!
it was chock-full of sixties delights including an ENTIRE wardrobe!
i was stoked.
but. . . the drawback was that MOST of the clothes were made for Barbie and those can be a bit big for my Blythe girls.
oh well. . . i modified some and i am still working of some others so that Eve and Poppy will have a bigger wardrobe.
because, let's face it, all dolls want a nice selection of clothes to wear. ;)

had a FUN but quick weekend.
talk more about that later!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

eat your heart out Joan Jett

who said that the seventies are long and dead?
apparantly not me.

new hair do.

Joan Jett would be proud. . . via her "Runaways" days.

my *new* hair cut. . . it is basically ALL gone. . . and it doesn't help that i keep razoring it! ha! ;)
needless to say. . . i LOVE it!
i know. . . you are shocked by this statement.
but i do.
i love it all in it's Joan Jett eighties butt rock style glory.
LOVE it.
i know. . . i am crazy.

psst. . . sorry about the CRAPPY photobooth shots. . . can you say overexposed? ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking the "Twiggy pledge"

i just *heart* Twiggy.
what an icon of fashion.
everything she wore was just right *on* in a totally groovin' way.
she was spunky and edgy. . . with the hair and lashes to prove it.

just gorgeous. . . wouldn't you say?
i miss that.
the style and chic. . .
everyone dressing up to go out. . .
HECK! you dressed up to go grocery shopping for crying out loud!
gone are the days of that. quite a shame.
i don't know about you. . . but i could handle a little bit MORE of that.
i can't tell you how i cringe EVERY time i walk into a Wal-Mart. . . gheesh!
just plain NOT right! seriously. feel like i need to *wash* my eyes after!

so. . . let's all take the "Twiggy pledge" and promise to try and glamorize our day to day with sixties style/retro chic.
don't get me wrong. . . i don't want to be on a soap box preaching what i don't practice. . .
i admit that i am a "true and through" tank top and hoodie gal. . . but i am going to try!
who says i can't wear a dress with pants and my converse?
no one.
so i am going to start dressing up my casual and try to be more like Twiggy . . . sixties style! ;)
i am taking the "Twiggy pledge". . . how about you?

grab this pic. . . post it on your blog. . . link back to this post!
let's spread the "Twiggy pledge"! ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


sorry peeps. . . i have been absent (and absent-minded) these past few days. . . it feels like it has been weeks since i was online. . . but in reality is has only been since Friday.
no time. TONS on my mind and a "to do" list a MILE long.

and to top off my "crazy life sundae". . . Kennedy is on a TWO-year old rampage ALL the time!
boy, that girl is going to send me into an early grave i tells ya!

she BROKE my computer yesterday. . . and really, i don't know how.
i was upstairs cleaning the floors and she was on the main floor with Indy.
i thought they were occupied. . . but apparently NOT occupied enough.

she waltzed into my studio and ripped apart some of my current projects (angry about that!) and then went to my computer and did heavens knows what!
i was upstairs for a whole of FIVE minutes!

the only reason why i went downstairs to see what was going on is because i could faintly hear the "Across the Universe" soundtrack playing. . .what?
i hadn't turned that on. . . and then i panicked. . . as a mother. . . because ONE of my girls MUST have done something. . . and sure enough!
this time the culprit was Kendy.
i went to my computer to find that she had put it on a setting that i couldn't fix.
i tried turning it on and off and logging in and out. . . nothing worked!
i was not a happy momma.
so. . . i put her upstairs in time-out.
when the time-out was over i had the girls play in Indiana's room. . . i left to throw something away and went straight back into Indy's room with the girls to find Kennedy (again!) ripping the lithos off of a vintage Strawberry Shortcake house!
holy beans i was mad!
that girl.
i am telling you. . . early grave.

so, i am feeling out of it. . . literally, i am "missing in action".
have a whole lotta enchilada on my plate. . . and i am NOT eating it fast enough.
anyone else feeling this?

wish me good luck. . . hope to be back into the swing of blogging sometime this week.
heck, it may be on Friday or Saturday. . . BUT. . . i will not be MIA forever! ;)

psst. . . a *happy* note!
got a NEW vintage barbie case filled with Vintage Barbies and clothes (cragslist. . . bless you!)
it is a Barbie and Stacey case. . . see Stacey above? talk about style!
and talk about being in heaven!
(i am convinced that heaven will something like that. . . a vintage dream with TONS of neat-o treasures!) ;)
share more pics soon. . . just got to find the time to upload them. . . ha! how pathetic!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


sometimes the universe throws "stuff" at you.
trials. tribulations
fun. celebrations.
and people to share it with.

well. . . this past year i have had the IMMENSE pleasure of meeting one person in particular that i was MEANT to meet.
she was "thrown" at me by the universe, so to speak! ;)

she is just SO darn inspiring and the BFF of a lifetime :)
our tastes and personalities are just *so* in sync it is surreal.
our love of all things kitsch and retro runs blood deep. really. blood deep.
Danielle. . . talking about you honey!

check out the AMAZING gifts she sent me for my b-day!
cut it out. . . AMAZING!

the necklace!?!
you are thinking the same thing as me, right?
so ME and so *sweet*!
do you see what i mean about our tastes being in sync! ;)
and the prize ribbon?
i know.
i am such a LUCKY girl to have such a great friend!
and this is only a fraction of the love she sent me!
cut. . . it. . . OUT! {envision Joey from Full House when i say that. . . actions and all! i am that serious about my love of the gifts she sent. . . tee hee!}
thank you D. . . such happy mail should be illegal in the Continental United States! ;)

not only is Danielle a Goddess of all crafting and kitsch she is an *amazing* mother, wife and friend. so geniune and sweet. the most loving, unselfish and supportive woman around the block.
can you say generous?
that is what Danielle is ALL about. generosity.
her generosity is not only shown in her willingness to give worldly goods but in her ability to give of her love, kindness and spirit.
love you honey MORE than words can say :)
so glad that the universe "threw" you at me! everything happens for a reason. . . and we were meant to be BFF's! ;)

Winner of the Minitoko Giveaway :)

congratulations to Colleen of HappyLittleArt!
she won the *limited edition* kit from Minitoko over at the Gnome-N-Birdy blog!
thanks to all who entered and showed the LOVE for Julie and Minitoko :)
please keep coming back. . . love to have you! ;)

psst. . . check this out!
*FREEBIE* from Minitoko!

click HERE to download.
thanks Julie! ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Kit. . . ONE Buck! Giveaway and St Paddy's Day! ;)

Vintage Camera Kit
HOLY smokes!

this is an AMAZING deal.
a brand *new* kit and ONE buck {today only!. . . so hurry over to JessicaSprague to get it!}

really cute :)

also. . .
check out Gnome-N-Birdy!
last day to enter the Minitoko giveaway :)
you could win an *exclusive* digital kit. . . Kawaii Ribbons!

also check out "LaPhotoCabine". . . {you may have heard of it}. . . its all in French but PLEASE don't be intimidated! you could check out this "translated" way to navigate the website HERE at my *dear* friend Katrina's blog!
LaPhotoCabine has become a *new* past time of my little fam. . . a great way to get some silly and candid pics! ;) did i mention it's *free*? the pics above of Pace and I was on one of those "silly" nights. . . VERY late at night! ha!

and. . .
Happy St. Patrick's day!
top o' the morning to ya,
erin go braugh and luck o' the Irish :)

going to watch "Darby O' Gill and the Little People" tonight!
a MUST watch on St. Paddy's Day :)
Sean Connery must have been like 20 in that movie! ;) oh la la!

so green wishes everyone and happy "one buck" shopping :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

what a WEEK!

we had a SUPER busy week!

Pace was on spring break from dental school. . . so we decided to take a little mini vacay up to Toronto to see some sites. . .
we stayed in Chinatown and went to see King Tut. very awesome!

we got a late start on the first day and we drove into Chinatown at night.
at NIGHT people.
it was a wee bit scary! kind of a culture shock.
we were hungry and tired so it was a good thing our hotel was very nice :)
after a VERY sleepless night {due to Kennedy REFUSING to fall asleep until midnight and then KICKING me *all* night! grrr. . . that girl!} Chinatown wasn't scary at all!
bustling and *so* up my alley!
i was amazed at how contained Chinatown was. . . one street was Chinatown and literally the next street over was Toronto again. . . so strange.

it was just a short walk to the museum from our hotel where King Tut was and we spent a whole thirty minutes viewing the exhibit.
seem short?
well, it was.
Indiana decided that she needed to go potty RIGHT when we got into the exhibit!
after many reminders and prodding for her to go she wouldn't do it. . . so *of course* she would need to go the second we were in the exhibit {trapped for all due purposes}!
we had to scoot quickly through the exhibit. . . all the while Kendy is *screaming*. . . and get Indiana to the restroom.
it was a beautiful exhibit and worth the trip. . . but, i would recommend NOT taking toddlers! ha!
i haven't uploaded pics from the trip yet. . . i know, the horror!. . . but i will share later :)

our trip was fun but super exhausting with the girls.
does anybody else feel that?
that kids make everything more hectic. . . more work. . . and somewhat crazy?
maybe it is just my girls. . . but, they work OVERTIME to make our lives *very* crazy!

good thing they are this cute:

other than the trip we had a slow weekend of rain and MORE rain.
{at least it isn't snow! :)}
yesterday was a bummer and i got a *super* sized migraine. . .
good thing i have such a great hubby. . . he watched the girls all day while i slept til four!
you read that right, i slept until four o' clock. . . in the afternoon!
when i get these headaches sleep is the BEST and only thing that really helps.
i don't get them as often as i used too so i am very grateful for that :)
so today the fun and work of reality has hit and time to clean the house and get some stuff done!

i want to get my hair cut this week and i was thinking of something along these lines:
something emo and shorter.
i used to have my hair this way before kids but now ponytails seem to RULE these days and i am sick of that!
something funky, wispy and somewhat Asian-fied. . . i just heart Asian girls hair! ;)
too cute.
what do you think?

well. . . off to take care of the crazies. . . aka: my daughters.

*oh* and don't forget to enter the giveaway over at Gnome-N-Birdy. . . we *extended* the Minitoko giveaway to Wednesday. . . St. Paddy's Day!
so hurry and enter. . . we would love to have you stop by :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Spring is in the Air!

i am *so* happy to announce. . . Spring is in the Air!

so. . . that means. . . if Buffalo is experiencing spring. . . it has already "hit" where you live! ha! Buffalo isn't known for it's WARM weather. . . more like NOT having warm weather! tee hee :)

can i just say. . . i am so happy i can't stands it!
i can actually go out of the house WITHOUT wearing a coat!?!
what the!?!
i know. i am ecstatic. almost annoyingly so.
sorry. . . ;) can't help it!

in honor of spring FINALLY making an appearance. . . polaroid Friday will highlight some *oh so* pretty images of SPRING!

all images were found on "we heart it"

here is to "father winter" leaving and "mother spring" staying for GOOD!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

taking a siesta!

going to be taking a few day siesta. . .
i know. . . doesn't that sound divine! :)

Pace is on "spring break" from school so i am going to bow out from my lovely internet world to spend some much NEEDED time with my little fam. . . see you on Friday wonderful peeps! :)

p.s. don't forget to enter the giveaway from Minitoko on the gnome-n-birdy blog!
a very cute and kawaii ribbon digital kit. . . oh la la! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Minitoko love and a giveaway

go on over to gnome-n-birdy to read all about the *lovely* Julie Fujara (founder of Minitoko). . .
Julie lives in Bourges, France with her *wonderful* hubby {Brune} and *CUTE* 5 month son {Otohiko}. . .

she creates the MOST kawaii art. . . full of color, cuteness and just a dash of sweet! :)

her *new* line of digital scrapping kits are sure to please. . . go and see all of them HERE.
not only is Julie a wife, mother and artist exrodinair!. . . she is SWEET to boot and loves sewing, fifties rock-n-roll, Americana, Japanese *pop* culture and vintage disneyana (among LOTS of other things!) a girl after my own heart ;)

thanks Julie for "chatting" with me so that i could get to know you better and THANK YOU for the limited giveaway!

*oh!* i almost forgot. . . the giveaway Julie if offering!
go and see gnome-n-birdy for a chance to win an *exclusive* digital scrapping kit from Minitoko!

Julie made a kawaii ribbon kit JUST for gnome-n-birdy!
to scoop up this treasure visit gnome-n-birdy and pick a *fav* digital scrapping kit of Minitoko. . . tell us about it {and your name and e-mail!} and you will be entered to WIN!
just that easy :)
hurry!. . . you can enter this giveaway up until this Friday at midnight :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

because warm weather CANNOT come soon enough

Polaroid Friday. . . gift love

{i have such wonderful friends.
so i am going to brag!}

for polaroid friday this week. . . take a look at some of the "gift love" i have gotten this week from a couple of these said wonderful friends!
so inspiring and SO generous. . .
thanks Tasha and Kat.
you are the cat's meow!

got this dress from Tasha for my girls! *swoon* isn't it just perfect!?! thanks Tahsa! love it.

what a wonderful package to get. . . goodies from Kat of Fritzi Marie. . .
just because she is SO very kind and sweet!
thanks Kat. . . we love all the wonderful vintage goodies! :)
{especially me! tee hee!}

man. . . i have wonderful friends. . . i got a SUPER awesome package today too!
i will share later. . . hint. . . it rocks!
OK. . . enough of me "bragging". . . i just LOVE all my friends! :)

also. . . thank you SO very much for the birthday love for my hubby Pace!
put a smile on his face :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Happy Birthday PACE!
27 today. . . yay!

love you very much snugs!
hope you have a Happy, Happy Birthday handsome! :)

if you see Pace. . . wish him a happy day. . . or leave a little comment here. . . i know he would LOVE it! {says the pandering wife :)}

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Buck. . . Creative Team. . . *New* kit and random!

wow, wow, WOW! SO very much to gush about today!

Kitschy Digitals is offering the WoodGrain Frames Kit for ONE BUCK today only!
go and grab it before the day is gone. . . what a deal :)

they are just lovely for everything. . . from your blog to scrapbooking. . . they are TOPS!

also. . . Danielle is on the lookout for some *new* creative team members!
i know!
cool. neat-o. AWESOME!

i love being on the Kitschy Digitals team and i know you would too. . .
so, check here for more info on that! :)

speaking of Kitschy Digitals. . . a *new* kit has been released!
Fabric Buttons!
you get *100* buttons and *8* bonus frames! WHAT!?!
so cute and a bang for your buck!
go and check that out HERE.
very pretty. . . too many buttons to pick a *fav*!

so much FUN stuff and much more to come in the next couple of weeks.
keeping busy and getting ready to celebrate Pace's birthday! yay!
i will leave you with a hybrid project that i made with Kitschy Digitals and vintage ephemera. . .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Geometric Candy. . . *new* kit!

just in time for spring. . .
a *new* digital paper kit called Geometric Candy!
yummy colors.
scrumptious simplicity.
just plain delicious digital paper!
very bright and very sweet.

click HERE to check it out.
avaliable now in my Etsy Shop. . . The Gnome Hut.

kits used:
The Gnome Hut (Geometric Candy)
Kitschy Digitals (Washi Tape Frame, Kitschy Flowers, Cabinet Cards)
Minitoko (Mini Furoshiki)

Blythe Sized

kits used:
The Gnome Hut (Geometric Candy)
Kitschy Digitals (Kitschy Flowers)
Minitoko (Felt Foods)