Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FREE bookplates! . . . that's right, FREE :)

found these cute bookplates. . . had to share!
i have been a long time admirer of Helen Dardik {and her art} and now you can join in on the love too and get some FREE bookplates.
would they not be a perfect gift for a child tucked inside some cute vintage books?
gah! they are so AWESOME!

p.s. this artistry reminds me of my two talented cousin. . . in-laws? i don't know what they would be called in relation to me. . . but these gals married Pace's first cousins. . . but whatever you would call them, they are my family. . . shout out to the twin sistas, Terese and Denise Plant, Hey-O!

used this bookplate to make this digiscrap page:the possiblities are endless with these. . . did i mention, FREE bookplates! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

summer day picnic

it is so nice to have some *summer* weather!
felt so good out today that we couldn't help but have an impromptu picnic between Pace's classes (i know! they aren't over yet!. . . so HAPPY it is finals week!)
Indiana and Kennedy are loving being able to go outside and we had a wonderful time eating PB and honey and strawberries. not fancy. . . but sure was yummy!

silly girl eating leaves!

70's gal

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daniel Johnston

I am sure that many of you out there know who Daniel Johnston is and then again. . . just as many people are saying, "Daniel, who?". . . I was one of those "Daniel, who?" people 2 years ago but, I was soon converted to the cult following of such an eclectic singer, songwriter, and cartoon artist by my brother.
He highly recommended the documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" that talks about the somewhat "rocky" life of Daniel and his journey through music, life and art.
Well, Pace and I picked up a copy of the documentary from Blockbutt. . . or "Blockbuster". . . and were entranced from the beginning with the life telling of this interesting and quite talented man.
I recommend to pick up a copy for yourself and watch this inspiring film. . . it made me laugh and cry. . . but more importantly made me fall in love Daniel's offbeat music and illustrations. . .

I am bringing up Daniel now because I *heart* to embroider and when I was purusing the newest patterns from
Sublime Stitching I noticed that they are now offering an embroidry transfer featuring the somewhat quirky illustrations by none other than Daniel Johnston!

I had to have them. . . many people may remember that the lead singer in Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, used to wear a shirt in the nineties with an iconic Daniel Johnston image depicting a "frog" that is saying. . . "hi, how are you?". . .

well, long story short I will be receiving my embroidery transfers from Sublime Stitching very soon! can't wait :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Snail Mail

I think getting snail mail is one of the best things to brighten up your day. . . who doesn't love to get a package or letter? something so whimsical about finding out what is inside.

well, yesterday I got the best snail mail ever from my friend in the South. . . Danielle Thompson.
of course, if you ever read my blog you know that I am Danielle's number one fan and she was gracious and sweet enough to send me the prettiest package since bread and butter.
when I opened the package my eyes went from normal to cartoon character in 1.0 seconds. . . she sent me one of the rosettes that she *handmade* and I about fell to the floor! so gorgeous!

what a great way to brighten up my day. . . thanks Danielle! :)

beautiful, no?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Embroidery Time

I have been an embroiderer since Junior High and I always *love* to find new, cute patterns to stitch up. . . I recently found these gems that I want to stitch right now!

free pattern from doe-c-doe. . . just love her!
she has new embroidery patterns for FREE every week! how awesome is that!?!
and aren't these fruits just *adorable*! I am in love <3

another free pattern from doe-c-doe. . . I am in love with horses right now!
I have also started a paint by number horse that I bought from Wal-Mart. . . of all places!

Isn't she cute? get the pattern. . . it was FREE too from Sublime Stitching. . . that is what her stitching is. . . sublime! man, I love Flickr! :)

Can't wait to get started. . .
I am thinking that the girls need some new shirts with some fun retro/vintage images on them :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creative Team Member :)

Just today Danielle has posted some work by me and announced the addition of a couple new creative team members for Kitschy Digitals! {hint: I am one of them!}

yay! so glad to be on the KD team. . . I definitely like to be part of something so full of "kitsch"!
if you know me. . . you know that I am OBSESSED with all things retro-vintage-kitsch and this is a great way to incorporate that into my scrapping and my crafting. . . not to mention that all of the Kitschy Digitals are just plain CUTE!

anywho. . . click here to see the post by Danielle over at her very adorable blog and don't miss a chance for a FREE giveaway! did you hear me? a FREE giveaway from Danielle involving her amazing products!
just go over to the new blog post and check out the details. leave some comments and you just might end up with either some free Kitschy Digital kits (I think FIVE) or some Kitschy Digitals goods/embroidery patterns.
such a great opportunity if you are an admirer of Danielle's. :)
you can also go to www.kitschydigitals.com to see all of her eye candy for sale :)

thanks for all of the support I have been getting!
so wonderful to read your nice comments and know that others out there share a love for crafting and creativity ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kendy's Big First Birthday. . . party!

Kendy has been ONE for one week. . . my big girl!
we had such a great party here this past Sat. and i wanted to write and thank everyone that came! :)
it made the party to have such good company

Kendy of course was a bit oblivious to the whole thing but i did a theme based on "sweet and sour" using Kitschy Digitals. . . (of course!) :) "sweet" was the cupcakes and "sour" was the lemons.
it was fun to do some party related crafts and i went a bit overboard!
poor Pace. . . what a trooper!
he helped me every step of the way and we really did have a great time as a family getting ready for the party.

we had pink cupcakes, lemonade, TONS of candy, lots of pink and yellow decorations, a lemon shaped cake that was, well, LEMON!, we played "pin the candle on the cupcake" and hit a "first birthday" pinata.

it really was fun and our yard here has never looked better!
i seriously mean that. . . i don't think anyone has done any yard work here for years! i guess that is how it goes with rentals. . . but i feel you don't have to be less complacent with where you live just because you don't own it. . . you should probably take care of what you have better since it isn't yours! but that comes from my up-bringing in all things 50's :)
now we can have BBQ's here this summer and we can't wait!

well, the party was a success and Kendy is now a true one year old.

p.s. she started walking like a pro just this past week! all over the house. . . and everywhere we go. . . she is even starting to try the "running" thing! oh boy!
us Plants are in more trouble than we thought with a second child :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

great news:)

i am so excited to say that i have been chosen to be a permanent member of Danielle Thompson's Kitschy Digitals creative team!
how awsome is that!?!
well, i am stoked.
i still can't believe that Danielle has chosen me!
their is *so* much amazing talent our there and i was lucky enough to be a "guest designer" for Danielle/Kitschy Digitals. . . let alone a permanent designer. . . so, this pretty much rocks! :)

this means that i will be designing with Kitschy Digitals every month and given the chance to "show off" my work and use Danielle's amazing products {Kitschy Digitals} around every corner.

so, this means that all of you fine people will be seeing *much* more of my work. . . if you like it or not! ;) and that i will get to create to my hearts content. . . something that makes me *oh so* happy!
what a great opportunity for a house madre like myself. . . thanks Danielle! ;)
here's to all things "kitschy" :)

click on the image below to see all of Danielle's Kitschy Digital kits:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Kendy :)

Today is Kennedy Michelle Plant's FIRST Birthday!
well. . . June 2nd is!

Happy Birthday Kendy

I cannot believe that my little baby girl is ONE YEAR OLD. . . this past year has been the busiest of our lives and we wouldn't have wanted to do a second of it without our Kendy-kins.
We moved to Buffalo when Kennedy was just two weeks old and I am kind of sad that our first months with her were so hectic. . . but I think she wouldn't want to have life any other way because she is the cause of a *lot* of the "hectic"!

Knowing Kendy is knowing happiness because that is what she radiates. . . she is spunky, wild, sweet, snuggly, crazy, funny, devilish, destructive, investigative, curious, cute , silly and did I mention CRAZY?
Her and Indiana are in a competition to see who is the craziest. . . and so far. . . Kendy is winning!

Here are some pics to document Kennedy's first year.
Going through our "album" on our computer was daunting and I had a hard time skimming down my favorite pics of Kennedy. . . but here are some good ones:

I know, I know. . . it is a *lot* of pics. . . but were they not all adorable? ;)