Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitschy Digitals Grand Opening!

Kitschy Digitals is NOW OPEN!
Danielle Thompson (creator of Kitschy Digitals) has culminated the *best* sources for kitschy digi goods and kitschy product (with INCREDIBLE designers)! 
Go and check out the new site and why not do a little shopping why your at it??? (did i mention their is *freebies*!?!)

I am so stoked and proud to be part of the KD creative team!
So many exciting projects are to come from this retro plant momma!

 Little Indy
 awesome needlework patterns (frosted pumpkin)!!!
psst. . . hey! 
you can also get 15 % off your entire order at KD up until tomorrow. . . 
just type in this promo code when checking out: 


lots of love to you all (^0^)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holy Sneak Peek!

sneak peek at SUPER exciting things to come over at 

full reveal on Monday so stay posted peeps!
so *happy* to be part of the fun (^0^)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway. . . WINNER!!!

and the winner is:

Heather K. Miller;
comment numero uno!

congrats honey. . . 
Shabby Apple and I will email you for all the winning details

thank you to everyone who entered this *amazing* Shabby Apple giveaway here at Retroplants. . . i know we both appreciate your love  (^0^)
. . . and a HUGE special thanks to Shabby Apple; your shop is vintage heaven!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway! don't miss out.

what did that say? that title post? what did it say?
did it say a giveaway? for reals?
a Shabby Apple giveaway??? 
oh goodness yes!
i know. . . its rad.

Shabby Apple is graciously giving one of you readers out there a chance to win a $50 dollar gift card to their *AMAZING* online shop! EEKKK! 

Shabby Apple is the perfect mix of classic chic and retro-licious goodness.
their products are to die for. . . and i mean DIE FOR. 
 you name it your gonna want it.

their woman's clothing is phenomenal!
they have clean lines. . . vintage inspired looks. . . and modest to boot.
another cool thing about Shabby Apple is their collections;
with names like "65", "oh la la" and "twin palms" you know your gonna be viewing some serious eye candy! 
well take a look. . . i pretty much have a huge crush on all their dresses:

Tres Jolie

Tropical Sunshine



Look of Love

One for My Baby

Tinsel Town Skirt

see? glorious. 
wouldn't the last white frock be the perfect wedding gown? 
i want to have each and every one in my closet and at my disposal.
i warned you. . . MAJOR CRUSHING going on over here!
*SO*. . . 
if you are interested in entering (which, why even state the obvious, right?) then follow the eligibility requirements below:

1) leave a comment here at retroplants with your name and favorite item for sale at Shabby Apple. . . it can be a dress, a top, a skirt, a craft, kiddo clothes. . . doesn't matter! us inquiring minds just wanna know. . .  it's hard to choose but don't worry. . . your other "favs" don't ever have to know! ;)

2) next go to. . . . . . and "like" Shabby Apple on their facebook page. . . you know you wanna anyway.

3) last, make sure you have a USA shipping address.

4) and guess what??? presto, done! cat's meow.

you must enter by midnight May 17th 2012. . . so hurry!!! 
that gives you a week to get typing and clicking. . . 
a winner will be chosen at random on May 18th 2012 and announced that day.

one more neat-o thing for you retroplants readers. . . 
if you are perusing Shabby Apple and find something you just gotta have (its guaranteed to happen) then type in this coupon code at checkout retroplants10off to recieve 10% off any purchase! so generous, right!?! hurry though. . . this coupon code is only good for thirty days so get to shoppin'.

good luck to all you wonderful peeps
and thank you *heapfuls* to Shabby Apple for hosting this most exceptional giveaway! 
i am one retro lady in love with all that Shabby Apple has to offer.

*one entry per person, please*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

motto of the week. . . becoming what we want

been finding the *best* quotes and mottos as of late. . .
wanted to share.
perhaps this will be a weekly "thing".
i will try; scout's honor!
(keep in mind i flunked girl scouts)

feel free to print and use for well, FREE.
linking back is always appreciated . . . let's share the love peeps! <3

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

love from us Plants!
Karli Indy Kendy babyJude

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Banners

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Team Peeta

i am on the Hunger Games band wagon people!!!
went to see the movie over this past weekend and it blew my mind away. . .
it was epic. . .
that's right. . . i used a cliche word to promote this movie.

sorry Twi-era. . . time to move over for the girl on fire and the boy with the bread (^0^)!!!
did i mention i was team Peeta!?!


if you haven't read the books i would recommend it. . .
quick reads with high impact.
i literally read all three books in three days. . . a book a day keeps the Capitol away!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nate Williams

fell in love today with Nate Williams.
holy illustrations.
from patterns to prints this guy knows how to draw em'.
wouldn't mind a few of these plastered on my walls. . .
heck! wallpapering our entire space with the patterns above would be
*so lovely*!
(notice how he signs his name. . . ekkk! also. . . i am totally smitten with the Mr. Tea pattern. . . ingenious!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Millennium Fun


i LOVE this pic of Harrison and Carrie. . .
a little bit of Millennium Falcon silliness!
isn't it awesome that other nerds out there share these pics!?!
thanks geeks.
i am right there with ya.

anyone been to see Star Wars Episode 1 yet?
i wonder if the 3D is really that neat-o?
i can't stand Jar Jar but i love Liam Neeson. . .
so i am on the fence as to making the effort to go.
i will *DEFINITELY* be going when a New Hope comes (^0^)!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day of LOVE

Happy Valentines from us to you!
Karli Indy Kendy Jude

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy FIRST Birthday Baby Jude!

i can't believe it. . . my little baby Jude is officially ONE YEAR OLD!
oh how this year has flown by!
i cannot express the love that baby Jude has brought into the life of my two little girls and myself.
he is what makes our little fam whole. he was meant to be.
he is *SO* special in my eyes. . .
not only is he my only boy. . . he came at a time when hope was hard for me to find.
he radiates joy. he radiates hope. he is an angel. Jude is perfect.
i am so happy and proud that i get to be his momma.

Jude is a very smart, happy baby. so happy!
his smile is infectious and he has the sweetest giggle.
he loves to eat. . . A LOT.
he loves to play. (especially with electronics!;)
he loves to snuggle.
he loves to flirt! goodness this boy flirts. . . i am in trouble when this guy gets older! good gravy.
Jude has taken his first steps and i am sure he will be running circles around us girls by summer!
he is mischievous and literally finds it hilarious to do things to rile up his sisters. . . he purposely ruffles the feathers in our house all the while sporting a HUGE two tooth grin on his cute, fat face! it is a hoot.

Jude is rough and tumble and certainly ALL BOY.
i love this little guy and cannot wait for all the fun and adventures we will have together.
although i am taking the time to enjoy him as a baby. . . he is growing up to be quite the little man.
Happy Birthday my Baby Jude!
we love you!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Animal Love

cute, adorable and *FREE* from HP. . .
Animal Love
Kids Mini Valentines
perfect for the month to come. . .
Mr. and Mrs. Panda are my *fav*!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Danielle

happy birthday to my dear BFF Danielle!

i met Danielle back in 2008 through her *SUPER* inspiring blog. . .
made some comments on her posts. . .
e-mails followed. . .
and the rest is history. . .
we were instant friends!

we have never actually "met" but i love her to death!
she has always been there for me and even if they are only phone calls and e-mails i feel like i have known her for forever.
we are kitschy lovin' soul sistas!

hope your day is marvelous Danielle!
love you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Do For My Ju Ju Bee

OK. so Jude's hair has been a love/hate thing for me for the past little while.
it's cute. . . SOOOO cute when it is all curled up just like a 1950's Kewpie doll but NOT SO cute when all matted down (which is usually the norm since he is a baby and putting product in his hair to look like the Gerber baby isn't ideal for daily wear) and it usually just ends up in his eyes.

cute, right???
the lollipop kids called. . . they want their adorable hair do back.
(alas. . . too bad it doesn't always look this cute!)

his hair grows FAST. SUPER FAST.
i have already trimmed the top at least five times in his 11 months here on Mother Earth and he is definitely not keen nor willing to have his hair cut THAT much.
something had to give but i really didn't want to cut his hair! his cute, sweet baby curls define him as my baby boy and it is hard to let that go. i kept telling myself that since he is a baby he should try to "pull off" his do until he got a bit older. . . he is only a baby once, you know; but, his hair is super fine and thin. . . just like mine (he'll love that when he gets older, cough, NOT!). . . and his curls were starting to look a bit like an old man comb over. NOT ATTRACTIVE! (baby or not)

so it was an impulse the other day to trim his hair down and let his inner punk rocker shine through.
grabbed my dad's trimmers and went to work.
i didn't plan on his hair being a mo-hawk. . . pinkie swear! but honestly. . . i *LOVE* it! love it.
he will probably hate me when he is older for the style; but for now it is adorable and totally rocked out.
check it, Jude's hair is heinous. word.

see? ugh! somewhat old man looking. . .
stringy and just not cute.

much more polished in all it's mo-hawk glory.
i love it!
hey. . . at least it isn't a mullet, right?
(my brother told me that just as long as i don't *pop* his collar, it's coo. . . tee hee!)

Friday, January 6, 2012


getting excited for one of my *favorite* holidays. . .
the day of love. . . Valentines!
although over a month early. . .
we are already making hearts to festoon our home.
all you need is love.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Wishes

hope your new year is full of love and cheer. . .
2012, here we come!

baby Jude is looking dashingly dapper in his awesome onesie made by: Lou and Lee
and gifted by: auntie Danielle {thanks D!}