Thursday, July 29, 2010

Four on the Fourth of July

i know that the Fourth of July has come and gone. . .
but we were gone for this special occasion and i couldn't let my Indiana's Fourth Birthday just come and go with no acknowledgment. . .

Happy Birthday Indiana!
four on the fourth

to meet Indy is to know sweetness.
but, don't get me wrong. . .
she was born on the Fourth of July for a reason and she IS our little firecracker!

we love you Indy. . .
Happy Birthday!

can you believe this was Indy?

by the way. . .
thanks so much for all your well wishes and congratulations on our new pea in the pod. . .
it means a lot to this Plant Fam!
but. . . if you ask Indiana about the new baby. . . she would say:
"No. you don't have a baby in your belly. . . Kendy is enough!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

uno! dos! . . . tres?

don't they say it's as easy as A, B, C. . . 1,2,3?
uno, dos, tres?

well. . . i don't know about that. . .
but three IS a magical number and *now* it is going to be the number of our children! ;0

you betcha kiddos. . . the RetroPlants are expanding (and one member in particular, ME!).

i am three months along now with Plant baby numero tres and just been having a blast with "morning sickness". . . ha! it should be called "all day AND night sickness!" (^0^)
does anyone know how one tiny little bean can cause SO much trouble? ;)

needless to say we are *very* excited for the new one and should be expecting the bundle of joy around Feb. 5th. . .
so middle of winter. . . here we come! ;)
(yikes! three!?!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RetroPlants is in the house

has it been a month?
close too it?
well. . . the RetroPlants are in the house! (whether you want us to be or not! ;)

some good news on our front. . . the hubby (Pace) has taken his Boards and now we are in the "waiting period" to see if he passed. . . (psst. . . i KNOW he did!)
what a guy!
i am so proud of him for buckling down and doing what i would NEVER want to do. . . study NON-STOP for two weeks straight!
bleh! right?
(it is times like this that i am glad that i am NOT the one in Dental School!)

us girls took off to Utah and let Pace be a bachelor for the time (for the said studying). . .
if was fun but we all got sick :(. . .
good thing we got to spend some time with family and swim, swim, swim our little hearts out!

i think that was the MOST sun we have gotten in years!
it's too dark here to get some real Vitamin D (^_^)
i literally felt like bacon at one point. burnt, delicious bacon!
good ol' Utah summers. . . 101 degrees and still rising :)

we are home. . . and happy to be!
love you all and can't wait to "catch up" with you. . .
what have YOU been up too this glorious summer? ;)