Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RetroPlants is in the house

has it been a month?
close too it?
well. . . the RetroPlants are in the house! (whether you want us to be or not! ;)

some good news on our front. . . the hubby (Pace) has taken his Boards and now we are in the "waiting period" to see if he passed. . . (psst. . . i KNOW he did!)
what a guy!
i am so proud of him for buckling down and doing what i would NEVER want to do. . . study NON-STOP for two weeks straight!
bleh! right?
(it is times like this that i am glad that i am NOT the one in Dental School!)

us girls took off to Utah and let Pace be a bachelor for the time (for the said studying). . .
if was fun but we all got sick :(. . .
good thing we got to spend some time with family and swim, swim, swim our little hearts out!

i think that was the MOST sun we have gotten in years!
it's too dark here to get some real Vitamin D (^_^)
i literally felt like bacon at one point. burnt, delicious bacon!
good ol' Utah summers. . . 101 degrees and still rising :)

we are home. . . and happy to be!
love you all and can't wait to "catch up" with you. . .
what have YOU been up too this glorious summer? ;)


Fritzi Marie said...

So happy that you have been having a fun summer. Happier about the test taking being over. And most happiest about your being back.


Tasha said...

Haha I'm so embarrased that I left you a comment on that other account. You were probably like what the heck! :) I can't wait to see ya soon'ish!

Anonymous said...

i missed you TONS, Karli -- glad to hear that you and the gals took a fun trip to Utah (but sorry to hear you got sick!).

best of luck to Pace!!

oh, in response to your comment about me trekking through the city looking stylish -- far from it, my friend. out and about these days, one can find me wearing my floppy hat, camouflage jacket and my big baggy jeans and i'm proud to call said attire my new uniform. i like it. :)