Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sacred Grove

we had a chance to visit the Sacred Grove and the Smith Family Farm a couple weekends ago. . .
talk about a GORGEOUS autumn day!
it was warm and bright and full of sunshine.
the leaves were changing and the air was full of crisp.
i just love this time of year!

Smith Family Farm
(Sacred Grove in foreground)

Smith Farm House Kitchen (number one). . .
basically a log cabin. . . can you imagine cooking over that fireplace!?!
(also the home where Moroni visited Joseph Smith) (^0^)

Joseph Smith's bed?
who knows.
they are not positive where Joseph slept when he experienced his visions. . .
but, the tour guide pointed out that it is the "air space" that Moroni actually appeared in to Joseph at night. . .
pretty neat-o!

Smith Family Farm House (number two)
a very nice upgraded home the Smith Family lived in for a while. . .
just down the street from their original log cabin home.

the second home they lived in was MUCH nicer and had a LOT more upgrades.
including a bigger and improved kitchen and dining area. . .
complete with pantry! how modern.

a log and mushroom on the floor of the Sacred Grove


christina said...

yes, very neat-o!!

what a great experience.


Kitty said...


That is so cool that you got to go there. It is so beautiful! It is hard to imagine what it might have been like for them but wow, they lived in a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this, I feel like I went too.


The Hatch Batch said...

What a special place to visit. The farm is beautiful, almost looks like a post card. How far is that from your place?

Unknown said...

That is awesome that you guys were able to go see that. It's such a neat experience. I haven't been there since I was a kid, but Matthew has never been. We've been thinking about taking a church history vacation at some point! Awesome pictures!

ittybittybirdy said...

This must have been a really cool to place for you and your family to visit... even if you are not LDS I think it would be a special kind of place.