Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Jude Laughs

oh boy, oh howdy!
Baby boy is already laughing. . . exactly on his two month birthday (^0^)
just too adorable. . . don't you think?
don't mind my weird, high pitched voice. . .
i'll do anything ridiculous to make this boy laugh like that.
with all that is going on right now for our little fam. . .
this is what makes it all worth it!
do i have stories to share!
for another time. . . i think. ;)
meanwhile. . . enjoy Jude's laugh. . . and know that the kids and i are still kicking and living!
be back soon.
(i know i keep saying that. . . but this time it is FOR REALS. . . word)
p.s. quality of vid SUCKS. took it on my ipod. . . sorry folks


Tasha said...

Oh MY gosh! How adorable is that!!!!!

Terese said...

Too cute! I love those little kicky legs. This is such a fun stage. Is he looking more like Kendy to you?? Just want to kiss those little cheeks!

Candace said...

SSOOOOOOOOOO Sweet!!! He is absolutely adorable!!

Chelsea Ann said...

I needed this! What fun!

Stephanie Evans said...

Ahhh! Love it!
Funny because Weston laughed for the first time yesterday, then about an hour later I saw your blog.
They are just on sync! :)
Miss you girl!

julie said...

you make my day funnier Jude, hugs hugs hugs ;p

Kari said...

So cute! And fun hearing your voice!
Darling pics of the girl in the post below. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Danielle said...

OH MY GOSH! that is the sweetest! heehee!! totally made my morning. What a sweetheart and i love hearing you! you are so cute. Talk soon, Miss. I miss you so much.

Bart, Paige and Grace said...

Oh Karli.... That melted my heart! What a sweet little man!