Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Do For My Ju Ju Bee

OK. so Jude's hair has been a love/hate thing for me for the past little while.
it's cute. . . SOOOO cute when it is all curled up just like a 1950's Kewpie doll but NOT SO cute when all matted down (which is usually the norm since he is a baby and putting product in his hair to look like the Gerber baby isn't ideal for daily wear) and it usually just ends up in his eyes.

cute, right???
the lollipop kids called. . . they want their adorable hair do back.
(alas. . . too bad it doesn't always look this cute!)

his hair grows FAST. SUPER FAST.
i have already trimmed the top at least five times in his 11 months here on Mother Earth and he is definitely not keen nor willing to have his hair cut THAT much.
something had to give but i really didn't want to cut his hair! his cute, sweet baby curls define him as my baby boy and it is hard to let that go. i kept telling myself that since he is a baby he should try to "pull off" his do until he got a bit older. . . he is only a baby once, you know; but, his hair is super fine and thin. . . just like mine (he'll love that when he gets older, cough, NOT!). . . and his curls were starting to look a bit like an old man comb over. NOT ATTRACTIVE! (baby or not)

so it was an impulse the other day to trim his hair down and let his inner punk rocker shine through.
grabbed my dad's trimmers and went to work.
i didn't plan on his hair being a mo-hawk. . . pinkie swear! but honestly. . . i *LOVE* it! love it.
he will probably hate me when he is older for the style; but for now it is adorable and totally rocked out.
check it, Jude's hair is heinous. word.

see? ugh! somewhat old man looking. . .
stringy and just not cute.

much more polished in all it's mo-hawk glory.
i love it!
hey. . . at least it isn't a mullet, right?
(my brother told me that just as long as i don't *pop* his collar, it's coo. . . tee hee!)


Downtown Housewife said...

Yes that kewpie doll hairstyle is AMAZING!