Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Millennium Fun


i LOVE this pic of Harrison and Carrie. . .
a little bit of Millennium Falcon silliness!
isn't it awesome that other nerds out there share these pics!?!
thanks geeks.
i am right there with ya.

anyone been to see Star Wars Episode 1 yet?
i wonder if the 3D is really that neat-o?
i can't stand Jar Jar but i love Liam Neeson. . .
so i am on the fence as to making the effort to go.
i will *DEFINITELY* be going when a New Hope comes (^0^)!


Tasha said...

I wish I could go to Utah to see it in 3D with you!! :)

The Hatch Batch said...

Karly, I can't believe your little guy is one already! When I first read the post I thought, not way!! Time really does fly, and kids grown way too fast! He sure is a cutie pie, I love his curl on top:) Hope you are doing well-