Sunday, March 25, 2012

Team Peeta

i am on the Hunger Games band wagon people!!!
went to see the movie over this past weekend and it blew my mind away. . .
it was epic. . .
that's right. . . i used a cliche word to promote this movie.

sorry Twi-era. . . time to move over for the girl on fire and the boy with the bread (^0^)!!!
did i mention i was team Peeta!?!


if you haven't read the books i would recommend it. . .
quick reads with high impact.
i literally read all three books in three days. . . a book a day keeps the Capitol away!


Tasha said...

I read them all in 3 days too! Aren't we awesome!?

I SO wish I could have seen this with you! I'm seriously considering seeing it in the theater again. Man it had me laughing/crying/jumping. So good.

Rachel said...

I love Peeta too. Sweet, quiet, blonde--reminds me of Ryan. :)

Love you and miss you.

Jake Nicole Burton said...

ooooo I definatley Team Peeta too! YUM