Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my new kitschy digital kits!

i purchased two kitschy digital kits from danielle thompson about a month ago and i am finally finding some time to make some projects with them! the frames are so fun to work with and bring so much life to pictures. . . if you are interested in buying them too, just check out this website:
danielle also just came out with a new kit using yarn flowers that is just too crafty cute to handle! :) her stuff is just amazing!

p.s. kendy got her second tooth. . . and indiana is FINALLY getting her second molars on the top! she is a late bloomer for sure :}

i also burned up our vacuum (literally!!!) today. . . it almost caught on fire and was smoking. . . lets just say the room that it happened in still smells like burning carpet!!! . . . any suggestions for a good new bagless upright that has some good suction power?
crazy day today. . . definately

p.s.s. i am thinking of starting a card club here in Buffalo. . . meet once a month and swap cards. . . if anyone is interested please let me know! i need some sane time that involves adults and not just tots :)


The Nielsen Fam said...

Amen to adult time. Winter is so hard. I would love to do the card club with you.

And I totally agree about getting together to do crafts. Porter isn't that interested, but if someone else is doing it then I am sure that he will want to.

Also, I love my vacuum, it's a eureka Altima and is bagless. They sell it at both walmart and target for sure.

Jeff and Erin said...

I wish I were closer and I'd be all for a card club :)
Your girls are so dang cute, love the pics!

RaCHeL + DoUg said...

I had no idea you even had a blog! Welcome to the world of cyber socializing!