Monday, January 26, 2009

new potty chart

Indiana's Potty Chart

We are potty training indiana and she responds very well with sticker incentives (pet shops help too!) so here is her new potty chart that i made with Danielle Thompson's "woodland lovers" digital kit. . .
She has been doing really good and we had a day where she had no accidents wearing only panties! yeah for no accidents :)
We also got rid of her binkies this weekend. . . some rough nights lately but, she is doing better. she "exchanged" her binkies for a Littlest Pet Shop Clubhouse (which i have been hearing about for months now from her). . . it was sad, but cute, because she gave her binkies "one last suck" before we put them in a baggie to take to the store. . . the cashier took them from her and then handed her the clubhouse! she was just beaming. . . until nighttime came :(
oh well, it is WAY over time to get rid of those things. . . we want nice teeth, not nasty binky sucking teeth!

p.s. me and the girls are sick, again! kendy and i have the worst of it right now. . . i guess it is better to get sick now then in the spring. . . we are not going anywhere really right now anyway, too cold. . . we are talking 0 to 10 degrees people! this weather should be outlawed


Jeff and Erin said...

Go Indiana! good job at the potty training and getting rid of the binks, what a big girl!
(Kar, it's so weird for you to be talking about potty training. Are we really that old?)

I wish we were closer but I'm not at all jealous of Buffalo weather right now...I'll take Vegas weather hands down :) Love ya!

Carl and Tasha said...

Yay good luck Indiana! Sorry about your perpetual sickness... I definitely can't wait for it to warm up around here!

Britney and Nathan said...

ah yes. potty training. what a joyous experience... ;)

i do not envy you in new york as the weather here has been relatively pleasant, with the exception of the inversion.

rock on indy. can i call her indy? it's SO perfect.

Jacob and Katie said...

How smart! This post inspired me to start a Medamucil chart. Every time I drink a cup I get a star and once I do a months worth I should treat myself to ice cream or something lol. Way cute idea!