Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking a Break. . . be back soon!

man! i need a break (^0^). . .
a nice summer break.

so guess what?
i am taking one!

with our summer lives SO busy this year my days of blogging are going to be limited. . .
and i am taking a month off!

don't you fret! i will be back ;)
but. . . you won't see me here at RetroPlants for a good month.

lots of love and happy summer!
(see you soon!)


Fritzi Marie said...

You Go Sister Girl! I hope you have the most amazing, free spirited summer ever. Many days I wish I could let myself take a blog break. Maybe I will too.

love love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Make wishes everyday just because you can.

Anonymous said...

you deserve it, Karli. relax and enjoy your time off and see ya when you get back!

Kawine said...

oh, really? i already miss you!
but, takin a break is important! so enjoy summer! it goes soooo fats. huh. :) especially here...
have fun!

Jacob and Katie said...

Oh Karli Bo Barli,
I love you and I can't wait for your return!