Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*FREE* retro Christmas tags!

i just love finding bright and cheerful retro graphics.
(i especially LOVE finding them when they are *FREE*!)

check out these *free* Christmas tags i came across online today. . .

they are sure to brighten and retro-fy all of your holiday packages this year.
now to get to the wrapping!

i found them at "Free Christmas Clip Art". . .
along with these jolly Santas:

i can't wait to use them for some kitschy Christmas cards, presents and projects!
(i am particularly partial to the "Big Guy" with blue eyes. . .
reminds me of a 1960's Christmas!
wouldn't he look grand hanging over a fireplace mantle!?!)


Anonymous said...

i've been looking everywhere for these, karli -- these are great!

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

whooaaa i love these! bringing me BACK!

velma said...

Yay! I'm glad these pictures found their way to someone who really appreciates them! I've got so many more I'll be putting up in the next couple of weeks.

For example, I just won a stash of vintage Dennison stickers & seals on eBay that I've scanned. Now I just have to clean them up & post them.

Free Christmas Clip Art

Happy holidays to all! :-)

julie said...

Thank you karli ! You rule chérie !