Monday, November 29, 2010


feeling overwhelmed today.
maybe it's because the house is a disaster.
(and i seriously DON'T want to do anything about it. . . cleaning! yuck.)

maybe it's because no matter how hard i try. . . i CAN'T get comfortable!
(already at "that" stage of prego life. . . being huge is zero fun.)

or maybe it's because the girls are grumpy and sick.
(when will we NOT be sick around here! argh.)

don't know.
i am just overwhelmed!
any thoughts lovely people to make me feel "under"whelmed?


Tasha said...

I'm so sorry! I can relate. Our house still isn't put together 100% It's driving me crazy, but it's totally my fault! Dev is sick too, with a really bad cold. No fun! Has me worried about having a winter baby. I think I'll be a hermit for 4 months. OH, and I hear ya on being huge... I feel like an elephant.

agravette said...

so sorry you're feeling down and your babies are sick! i wish i could send someone over to clean your house and let you put your feet up while they took care of your sweet babies. instead, here's a hug and a prayer!!

Rachel said...

No advice...just sympathy! I love you! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

you have every good reason to feel overwhelmed, karli. my body and emotions differ considerably when my "monthly friend" is in town and as one who has never been pregnant, i can only imagine how uncomfortable you must feel. and who wouldn't feel worried about their grumpy and sick kids!! i would be worried sick myself.

when i feel overwhelmed, i find that what makes it worse is that there's a part of me that is trying not to feel overwhelmed and consequently, there's inner conflict -- which makes me feel worse.

i say: stop whatever you're doing and take a seat and let yourself feel overwhelmed without fighting it and let it pass. does this makes sense? :)

i miss you, karli!!! if you need anything -- anything at all, please don't hesitate to drop me a note, okay?

i hope and the girls feel better soon. much much much love to you,

Danielle said...

i feel ya lady!! HUGS to you.. miss you so much. WHEN.ARE.YOU.DUE?? i keep forgetting.. thinking of you.. sick kids + pregnancy is the pits. Sending you virtual hugs!!