Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jude is 2

our baby Jude turned 2! 
i am a *wee* late posting but, with all that has commenced in February i am amazed i am doing it at all. . . 
let's just say that the biggest contributor to that is the sickness van has camped out here FAR too long. . .  
go back down to the river where you belong!

McQueen's #1 fan

i love this little guy. he is so full of life and *so* smart! 
he is spoiled rotten by us three ladies of the house and boy, howdy! does he know it ;)

he is obsessed with cars. OBSESSED. 
you will not catch him very often without one in his hands and if he doesn't have his cute,fat fingers gripped around one he is asking, "cars! where r u???" 
of course a "Cars" themed bday was in order. he was in heaven. we celebrated with a fun party here at our new place (^0^)

Radiator Springs. . . cutest little town in Carburetor County

Indy, Jude and Kendy. . . cake time

Happy Birthday Baby Jude!
let the terrible twos commence.
good thing your a handsome devil little man. love you.


Rachel said...

Noah is on my lap as I read blogs this morning, and he went berserk when he saw the cake. "CARS! CARS! CARS!" Boys are so funny!

Tasha said...

You just reminded me that I never blogged about Eve turning 2. Wow, am I the worst mom ever?!

Miss you! Love you!

Terese said...

Love it! Jude is so adorable, so are his little ladies ;)

Stephanie Evans said...

He is so dang cute! Love the cake!