Tuesday, February 26, 2013


oh goodness! this blog is mucho gusto outdated. . . 
time to re-vamp. . . 
and RE-COMMIT to blogging.

took some time off you might say. . . 
just a little space of time, really. . . only two years!
feeling more sure of where i want this blog to go and i am definitely sure of where i want my life to go.

some things in life are *THE BEES KNEES* when they are outdated. for example: dishware. 
everyone loves a good vintage pyrex bowl, right??? 
i am so right everything else seems wrong. (name that movie!)

so the point is. . . this blog is WAY OUTDATED and i am not pleased with that.
going to take some time to re-tool and get back out here in the online world. . . {i have missed you!}
keep checking back. the kiddos and i have many adventures to share.


Rachel said...

Excited to read!

Stephanie Evans said...

Can't wait! :)

Terese said...

Yay! I love your creative wonderful life!!:)