Monday, January 26, 2009

new potty chart

Indiana's Potty Chart

We are potty training indiana and she responds very well with sticker incentives (pet shops help too!) so here is her new potty chart that i made with Danielle Thompson's "woodland lovers" digital kit. . .
She has been doing really good and we had a day where she had no accidents wearing only panties! yeah for no accidents :)
We also got rid of her binkies this weekend. . . some rough nights lately but, she is doing better. she "exchanged" her binkies for a Littlest Pet Shop Clubhouse (which i have been hearing about for months now from her). . . it was sad, but cute, because she gave her binkies "one last suck" before we put them in a baggie to take to the store. . . the cashier took them from her and then handed her the clubhouse! she was just beaming. . . until nighttime came :(
oh well, it is WAY over time to get rid of those things. . . we want nice teeth, not nasty binky sucking teeth!

p.s. me and the girls are sick, again! kendy and i have the worst of it right now. . . i guess it is better to get sick now then in the spring. . . we are not going anywhere really right now anyway, too cold. . . we are talking 0 to 10 degrees people! this weather should be outlawed

Friday, January 23, 2009

our little mermaid

The Little Mermaid

kendy was a mermaid for Halloween (2008). . . check out those seashells!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my new kitschy digital kits!

i purchased two kitschy digital kits from danielle thompson about a month ago and i am finally finding some time to make some projects with them! the frames are so fun to work with and bring so much life to pictures. . . if you are interested in buying them too, just check out this website:
danielle also just came out with a new kit using yarn flowers that is just too crafty cute to handle! :) her stuff is just amazing!

p.s. kendy got her second tooth. . . and indiana is FINALLY getting her second molars on the top! she is a late bloomer for sure :}

i also burned up our vacuum (literally!!!) today. . . it almost caught on fire and was smoking. . . lets just say the room that it happened in still smells like burning carpet!!! . . . any suggestions for a good new bagless upright that has some good suction power?
crazy day today. . . definately

p.s.s. i am thinking of starting a card club here in Buffalo. . . meet once a month and swap cards. . . if anyone is interested please let me know! i need some sane time that involves adults and not just tots :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sleep smiling

Kennedy fell asleep a couple of weeks ago on indiana's bed and i couldn't help but snap a shot of her. . . when i was taking the picture she smiled in her sleep. . . just too cute!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Christmas 2008

I know this post is really late. . . but i couldn't resist showing pics of our Christmas morning. . .

the girls playing with new toys from Santa. . .

the girls, Pace and I had such a great
(early) Christmas this year in Buffalo! since we were going home to Utah for the 25th of december. . . we decided to have an early Christmas on the morning of the 20th. it was so much fun with the girls this year (especially with indiana. . . she couldn't wait to see what Santa brought her!)

we did the whole gammit and set out milk and cookies for the guy dressed in red, indiana just loved it. . . it was so cute, she even reminded me after we set out the cookies and carrots (for the reindeer:) that Santa would need milk too. she placed the cookie plate right in front of the fireplace so that he would see it the second he came to our house! such a good little hostess:)
of course we read the nativity story and then went to bed. when she woke up she found that Santa had been very good to her. . . he brought her a Hello Kitty play tent/house and a vanity with plenty of jewels!

the joy. . .

Santa remembered kendy too. . .

indiana really knew how to go at it this year. . .

well we all hope your holidays were wonderful and that your New Year has been off to a good start! by the way. . . our trip home was good but very tiring. . . it was worth it to see family but flying in the winter is for crazy people (especially with two chiddlers)! maybe next year the web cam will have to suffice :)
p.s. while we were gone kendy got her first tooth. . . on the 27th of december. . . Daddy the dental student is very proud!