Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Frog Prince

Kennedy's First True Love. . . a frog!

i did a photo shoot with kendy yesterday and i just love how it turned out
i found the princess hat at target for a buck. . . and the frog was thrifted
very cheap to set it up. . . and still very cute!
i can't wait until spring when i can take the girls outside for their photo shoots. . . my mind is racing with ideas!


Mark & Alison said...

What a cute little princess! I love it. I am so glad to hear that someone other than me has "photo shoots". About Carter's "hawk" in his laughing video - that was New Years Eve so that was his "party hair." Such cute little kids.

Carl and Tasha said...

Sooo cute! You're making me so excited to take pics of my lil' guy :)

Jacob and Katie said...

That frogs a lot cuter than Jacob's first kiss... not that I'm bitter of her or anything hehe.