Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Day of Love ;)


pace and i are celebrating our 5th Valentines together this year. . .
time flies when you are having fun!

our first Valentines Pace and i were dating and we had school and work. . . :( no dinner or very romatic stuff. . . he got me roses and a box of See's chocolates

our second Valentines was uneventful and i was very prego. . . Pace worked all night and i was asleep when he came home at eleven. . . i had to work the next morning :(

our third Valentines we had Indiana. . . her first Valentines. . . a very different way to look at and celebrate Valentines! a nice night at home filled with movies and changing diapers (pace had to work. . . again!)

our fourth Valentines we got a heart shaped pizza from papa john's and had fun watching indiana eat sweethearts and play with a Valentines balloon. . . i was also very prego again :)

this, our fifth Valentines, has been our best yet! since it is on Saturday, Pace has had no school (and no work, yeah!) and the girls are old enough to really get into giving and getting Valentines. . . Pace got me flowers and wrote me a very sweet letter. . . Indy is high on sugar (she has eaten Pez, chocolate, and two boxes of Sweethearts!) and Kendy is enjoying her first Valentines

my oh my. . . five Valentines Days' and two kids later. . . time does fly when you are having fun!

I love you Pace, Indiana and Kennedy!
I hope everyone else lives up this very special day of love!


Jeff and Erin said...

How sweet, I can't believe it's been 5 vdays together...crazy! It seems like just yesterday Pace was asking mike if he had any after shave he could use hee hee, I laugh every time I think of that :)
Hope you guys had a great valentines. And hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kar! Love ya tons!