Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My punky brooster

Indiana had such a "punky" hairstyle the other day when she woke up. . . me thinks i will do it like this more often. . . she must show her love of the punk rock and all things crazy! ;)

i also wanted to share this pic of indiana reading her "bearenstien" books. . . we read at least one everyday. . . thank heavens for thrifting or else i would not be able to afford her reading habit. . . i am so glad she has a reading habit! does anyone else remember these books from their childhood? they were a staple in the Schooler home (that's right, my maiden name is "Schooler", much "cooler" than Plant. . . but wadda you do? i fell in love with a plant. . . and i don't mean foliage!)


Mark & Alison said...

Ah the good ol Berenstein Bears... We had the whole set in the Mellies household too (Personally, I like the last name Jenkins better than Mellies - people know how to pernounce it and spell it) I also just bought Carter a Berenstein Bears DVD for Christmas for $2. At this point I like it better than he does... :)

Carl and Tasha said...

Those are some of my favorite books! Hey you should call me back some time ;)