Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gnome and Deer. . .

pillow love

My sister and one of my best friends (like a second grandma to my girls) in Utah had their birthdays this month on the 18th. . . so sad that i missed their big day. . . but i did make and send each of them one of this "mini pillas". i think they turned out pretty well for using iron ons. . . i used a Kitschy Digital set called "Woodland Lovers Mini Stuffie Kit". i just love Danielle Thompson's creations (Kitschy Digitals) and not to mention all of the other creative goodies that she makes on a daily basis!
talk about a crafty mom! i have gotten to know Danielle through e-mailing and i have something cooking up with her that i am really excited about!
i will reveal more when i have more details. . . but lets just say that i am crafting my little butt off right now. . . and loving every minute of it! ;)
Danielle runs and operates her Kitschy Digital Business and posts on the coolest blog around:
so check it out! her pics are to die for :)

anyway. . . had a great month. . . and thanks to all of the girls that made it to the card club! it was so much fun to just sit and chat (and get the most adorable handmade cards ever! seriously. . . the talents of you girls is just amazing).
so thanks. . . and can't wait till April ;)


Jeff and Erin said...

Kar you are so stinking crafty, it kills me! I love the "pillas" very cute! and thanks you so so much for your nice gift in the mail! I was so excited to hear from you and I love Indy's little note :) you didn't need to do that but I appreciate it! Love ya tons!