Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my girls

just a couple of new cute layouts of the girls. . .
kendy is such a big girl now
she grows like a weed and eats like a horse! (my cute tubby one)
indiana is a crazy pants and is growing too fast. . .
the pic of her was last year in April. . . she has grown so much since then!
she is definitely a tot and not a babe
can you believe that this summer i will have a one and three year old?
that means we will have been in buffalo for one year. . . only three more winters to go! (if this one will ever end!!!


Jacob and Katie said...

Cute, Indy almost resembles the Coppertone girl when she was younger!

Candace and Matt said...

Your little girls are so beautiful! I think we should have one of them betrothed to William. Just an idea... I can't believe you guys have almost been out there for a year!! It's gone by fast. So three more should be a piece of cake! ...says the person not living in Buffalo. We love you guys!