Sunday, March 29, 2009

too exciting :)

i am so excited to say that i am going to be a *guest designer* for Kitschy Digitals!
Danielle (the owner) contacted me and wants me to be a guest designer coming up in April :)
i am so excited and so honored that she would pick me. . . the talent out there is so unbelievable and i am so excited that she thought i was worthy to post some of my scrapbook pages and crafts. of course i will be using her line of Kitschy Digitals in every project. . . which is no prob for me since i use them practically everyday!

i was traditionally a "paper" scrapper (and still do) but digital scrapbooking is just SO much easier with kids! it is all on your computer and you don't have too worry about chiddlers getting into stuff they should not be handling. . . such as scissors :). . . and the mess = no mess when you are on the computer!

i will keep you posted on what day she will be posting my projects on her blog. . . but i am thinking between the middle or end of April. i have been crafting like crazy this past week and i love getting some time to be creative. hard sometimes with two crazy, but lovely, girls ;)

i also got a new table this week. . . a table with two leaves and four chairs = twenty bucks! paint me happy! did i mention it is vintage? paint me double happy! it is black with a kind of houndstooth pattern in formica. . . AWESOME! want to see it? come and craft with me and you can ;) it is going to be my new craft table since the old one was very unstable. let's just say that it was vintage also. . . very *used*!
and finally. . . i thought i would share this *hilarious* pic of indiana!
we went to the buffalo zoo and she was getting such a kick out of watching the sea lions in the underwater viewing area. . . makes me laugh so hard :)


Carl and Tasha said...

Awesome Karli! I'd love to start digi-scrapping once my little guy is born! :D

Jacob and Katie said...

I love seeing your cute pic layouts and am excited to check out the new stuff you are working on for the Kitschy Digitals site. Your Egyptian ambition is a lot more driven than mine, for some odd reason I always wanted to be a debt collector when I was younger... I'm not sure why either, kinda weird I know. I should have said "princess" like all the other kids.

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

Hey. LONG TIME since I have seen you two :) I have been looking at your blog every once in a while through Erins... anyways... you do an AMAZING job taking pictures. I love your style. Keep it up!!

Mark & Alison said...

You go girl! For reals, that is so awesome! You have always been super creative so that is no surprise to me. I have slowly been getting into digital scrapbooking.. but photoshop is kicking my butt so who knows when I will be efficient at it. I do love your pages though. One day I was actually thinking of asking if you would do a page for me for Carter. All of my pages look the same so it would be fun to get a "retro Karli-style page" If you are cool with that I could e-mail you some pics when you are less busy of course! Anyway, good luck with that and I am happy that you found a new craft table (you are such a "mini-Karol" it's awesome!)

Ryan and Megan said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that they would pick you to be the guest of honor!! I'm going to want to hear all about it!