Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Decor 2009

Christmas tree 2009

my "kitsch" tree. . . complete with ornaments that i don't want broken (hence the tree on top of a high cabinet). . .
little hands make short work of shiny brite! ;)

can you also spot my meager smoker collection?
you should see my parents! *swoon*. . .
i am new to the collecting. . . but working on it!
adding a new one each year

part of my vintage golden record books collection

just a small sampling of my vintage ornament boxes. . . they are all full of ornaments too!
hmmm. . . you would think i would stop buying them, wouldn't you?
i just can't helps myself!


Terese said...

Gorgeous trees and decor! I bet your whole house is just total eye candy! (Just like the one in Salt Lake) I remember I couldn't stop looking around. I love your collecting and decorating talent! It is truly a gift!

Tasha said...

Beautiful! I wish I could see it all in person. Miss ya!

heidi said...

your kringle kitsch is fantastic! i have bits and pieces strewn around [mostly out of little hands' reach], too. i'd love to add you to my fav-o-rite blogs on mine. come visit! www.kitschenfeast.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

omg. i looooooove your decor, karli! super retro, super kitsch! now, i'm wondering if i should decorate. i've been feeling so lazy, but seeing your danielle's decorations and now yours... i might just do it! LOVE IT. you have such wonderful style.

and hey hey hey! i got my package today!!! so happy and excited to open it, but will refrain until i do a proper *unboxing* photoshoot for it. thanks again, karli. :)

Danielle said...

OH MY GOOOOOOOSH!!!! i'm so in love with your decor I can't stand it!!! ok, i'll stop with the exclamation marks. But I just adore your style. Your collection of ornaments and such is a to-die-for.. and ((((((YOUR RECORD COLLECTION!!)))))) Holy Smackers! i have died and gone to heaven. If only I could see your home in person. You have FAB taste! :-) I also love that pattern on your curtains! what fabric is that? did you make them? ok, i'll stop now. ;-) Happy Holidays!!!

The Hicken's said...

Those look just like you Karli! You did a great job, beautiful :)