Saturday, December 12, 2009

i've been dreaming of a Kitschy Digitals christmas!

you all know out there my love for Kitschy Digitals. . . and well. . . kitsch in general.
so i HAD to come up with some *fun* and yet *easy* crafts for Christmas featuring Kitschy Digitals kits.
[i am all about the *easy*!]

i have always dreamed of kitschy Christmases. . . always.
nostaligia is what makes christmas so special and adding touches of kitschy/retro here and there (or decorating your ENTIRE house in it. . . like me!) is what brings that nostaligia back. . . like grannies house on a cold christmas eve. . . all warm and homey like! ;)

who doesn't want a pine cone elf or pom pom angel on their tree?
how about those little glittered cardboard houses that you put strands of lights in? complete with little plastic deer and people skating on a "mirror" pond?
it makes me all giddy just thinking about it!
a kitschy/retro christmas is what i want every year.

so. . . with ALL of that in mind. . . presenting some crafts to liven up your home with "kitsch-y-ness" this holiday time of year:

how about some floral pics for your retro christmas planter?

all you need is:

white cardstock
wooden craft sticks
a printer
KD Olivia digi kit
KD Skylar digi kit
an image of a santa hat

i opened the pose doll head pngs into Photoshop. . . recolored the elements. . . added the santa hat. . . and saved different color combos.
i then opened the different color combos in Photoshop and made a printable collage.
printed the collage and cut them out. . . glued onto wooden craft sticks. . . stuck into planter and wallah! all done.

very colorful and easy to do. . . fun to do with kids. . . i am ALWAYS keeping that in mind. . . with two little crafters running around myself i have to have "projects" ready daily!

onto the next project. . . how about using those same christmas KD pics to put in a tinsel wreath?
the retro impact is palpable!

i have this hanging in my kitchen. . . nothing like red and aqua together to make any kitchen a "kitschy kitchen"!

lastly. . . for today, at least ;). . . how about using those pose doll print outs as gift tags?. . . just cut and put on any christmas gift to liven it up.
you could add do-dads or glitter to them. . . but i left mine just plain.
i think the impact is just as CUTE!

well, i hope this gets you in the "kitschy" mood of christmas!
it sure makes me want to put on some Bing Crosby and croon away while wrapping presents. . . baking sweets. . . and decking the halls! ;)


Anonymous said...

i'm going to rubber stamping away for the rest of the day and may give this a try with some stock images on my computer. these are so freakin' cute! thanks for this tutorial. :)

Stina said...

These are great! :-) When I get new digital stuff, I always make something with Matilda first. :-) Then when she gets bored I can make MY projects. Haha!! :-) If I try to start with my project she wants to make the same thing, but it is often too complicated for her. :-)