Wednesday, December 9, 2009

just because. . .

been feeling a bit like nothing is getting done. . . yet i am busier than EVER.
does this register with anyone out there?
maybe it is the "Christmas fever" or the lack of direction on my part. . . but NONE of my projects are getting finished. very frustrating!

well. . . along with that has come a "lag" in my ability to keep posts up.
where are the weeks going?
oh well.
i am having a BLAST trying to keep up though. . . but still frustrating!

well. . . been working on some KD stuff.
here is a sneak peek:

i also saw this post by Katrina and about DIED at the cuteness of these teeny tiny deer!
i want one for my Blythe SOOOO bad!
very cute!

oh. . . and here is a funny image i saw on Flickr by Simply*Mein:

talk about Kitschy CUUUUTE!
a snowman? riding a deer?
in love with it! ;)

so. . . this post was "just because".


Anonymous said...

Oh, Karli. Thanks for sharing -- I can totally identify with your frustrations. As a matter of fact, I'm going though something very similar; so many things to do + so little time = a lot of loose ends!

Hey, I can't wait for to see your KD stuff!

I'm happy you like the mini deer. So kawii...