Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MIG strikes again!

Made In Girl. . . *new* issue!
remember when i gabbed about this neat-o *new* magazine from Japan?
well. . . they have come out with a *new* issue. . . and better yet. . .
a *new* and IMPROVED website complete with wares that you can buy!
can you say "Karli is stoked!?!"

the item of my lusting is this beauty:

can you say HOLY sparkly KAWAII! :)
a mirror?
that folds up?
and has about as much kitsch and caboodle as possible glued to it?
count me in.
me wants!


Jacob and Katie said...

Oh my gosh! Hahah, those are the Cupie Dolls on all the Japanese Mayonnaise bottles! I always make fun of Jacob because he has the same face as them! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and the Hallmark part gave me a good chuckle :-)

Anonymous said...

wow, that site oozes kawaii. but, i couldn't get Issue #2 to paginate for some reason. i'll try again tomorrow.

thanks for the heads up, Karli. i haven't seen a Fudge mag in ages, so i need my japanese fashion fix right away. :)