Thursday, May 6, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Minitoko Swap

me and my *new* wonderful friend from France. . . Julie. . . decided to do a craft swap with one another. . . all about kitsch and kawaii :)

{you might remember Julie as "Minitoko". . . kawaii goddess extraordinaire and website/digital kit diva}

mine and Julie's tastes just "click" and it sure was fun to get SOOOOO many wonderful goodies from France.
can you say treats? books? magazines? kawaii goodness? wonderful handmade crafts? supplies for Blythes? and SO on and SO forth?
really. . . Julie spoiled me rotten! {and for the record. . . i LOVED it!}
thanks Julie!
swaps sure are neat-o in my book. . . let's check out some of the goods now, in polaroid form, OK? ;)

THE tastiest French chocolate caramels!
OH MY HEAVENS! Le magnifique!
{the family was kind of "fighting" over them!. . . yes, they are already gobbled up!}
isn't the packaging pretty?

a kawaii show ribbon handmade by Julie!
i just LOVE show ribbons!

is that a Furoshiki i see?
why, yes it is!
all retro and kitsch style.


mel said...

i have never seen or tried those caramels, but now you'll have me hunting for them for my last 3 weeks in france! cute stuff! penpals are the best.

julie said...

miam "les carambars" rule ! Love the furoshiki in little hands pic !