Friday, May 14, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Rainbow Party!

it has come to my attention that Kennedy is going to be turning two years old in a couple of short, SHORT weeks :)
holy cow.
my baby is going to be two!
(well. . . yay! for birthdays. . . not for the terrible two's! ha!)

last year i did a whole "she-bang" for her first birthday. . . do you remember?
and well. . . i just don't have that kind of energy this year!

so. . . i have been thinking of some low key party ideas that we could do as a family and i have been quite inspired by the rainbow colored cake pictures that i have seen *popping* up in the computer world.

party theme accomplished!

get some colorful/rainbow-y decorations, gift wrap, cake and pinata and there you have it!
rainbow party this year! yay!
simple and *oh so* darling. . . if it is good enough for Rainbow Brite. . . it is good enough for us!
{sidenote: go Rainbow Brite! she rocks.}


ringmaster said...

oh rainbow parties are the best!!! we just had one for my daughter's 3rd party.....

Anonymous said...

I love, LOVE this blog!!!!

Tasha said...

LOVE the rainbow layered cake!

KidInACandyShop said...

Have you ever seen pictures from Everland Resort.. I think its in South Korea. You LOVE it. Its so candy coated looking!

minitoko said...

Colorfull Bday so ! Great idea, clever mom !