Thursday, August 19, 2010

wardrobe Expansion

i really am NOT one of those women who "loves" to be pregnant.
it's not that i am that vain or anything (i was fat before. . . and still am! ha!)
but. . . it's still rough to notice that NONE of your clothes are fitting the way they used too and that your pants are getting smaller and smaller and smaller.
granted. . . i am only four months. . . but it's already hitting. . .
i need a wardrobe Expansion. . . and mostly in the waistband area!

i was thinking of getting some Vintage Maternity items. . . but, they are harder to find than i thought.
this dress is a good alternative "retro" inspired choice:
i LOVE the detail of the skull buttons! so punk momma!
dress found HERE

i could always buy some Vintage Patterns and make something (that's all you can really find online that is PURE vintage). . . check out these AWESOME Maternity ones:

Betty Draper called. . . she wants her Maternity clothes back!
the bright colors and fun A-lines are right up this momma's ally!
found on ETSY

cool and comfy. . . just what i need!
don't you dig the floral fabric?
found on ETSY

anyone know any other places that have some cute, non-frump Maternity wear?


Terese said...

I love getting extra big shirts at forever 21. They seem to have longer tops and a lot of the a-lineish styles, but they aren't maternity. They totally work till the 8 month mark.

julie said...

Mod Momma would sound great ! Mod or not, getting well dressed when you're expecting is a hard job. For me, I gave up and wore wrapped dresses all day long. and still wear. Unfortunately. (seriously I don't care so much about this last point) ;)
anyway, I keep my eyes wide open if I see something that would match your needs, girl...

Danielle said...

AAAAUGH! those vintage patterns are AMA-ZING! you sew too right? girl, you need to go for that. and take some belly shots. We need to see belly shots! get on that now girl! :-) hope you have a nice weekend, sweetie!

danielle thompson