Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help these two Adopt!

since moving to New York i have had the immense pleasure of meeting some pretty NEAT-O people. . .
and *definitely* among those "neat-o peeps'" is Ryan and Rachel.

talk about people you want to mold your life after.
loving, giving, selfless and just plain rad.
Ryan and Rachel *really* want children. . .
and honestly, i don't know any other couple who would make better parents.
please click HERE to read more about this wonderful pair and how maybe you can help them adopt a sweet, precious baby.


Rachel said...

Awww, thanks, Karli!! You are the best!

I thought of you today. I was in Rochester and stopped in to this funky estate/retro store...and I just might have purchased a baby present for you! I couldn't resist! But you will have to wait until that baby comes!!!!

Annalee said...

hey! congrats on the baby # 3. I hope you start feeling better now... I am glad you had fun in UT. We are all so proud of pace! you guys are amazing, and I can't wait to meet the baby #3. miss you guys!