Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Schooler Family

being in Utah made me realize how *important* family is!
(also *how much* i MISS the mountains! Rocky Mountain High, baby.)

we sure miss being able to see all of our loved ones on a regular basis and it was a real treat to spend some FUN, QUALITY time together!
see, i wasn't always a "Plant". . .
i was once a "Schooler".
the Schooler family is cool.
real cool.

padre Schooler

sister Sarah and Madre Schooler

nephew Liam Schooler

sil Erin and brother Kristopher Schooler

niece Avery Schooler and Indiana Plant

all the cousins
(Liam, Kendy, Ellie, Indy, Avery)


Tasha said...

What an adorable family!!

Rachel said...

Wow, your sister looks just like you!

Danielle said...

you have the most BEAUTIFUL family!! and, ahem, where are *YOU* Missy in these photos??? we need to see more of Karli. (So happy you had such a nice time!)

Jacob and Katie said...

Twin sister??? Cute fam!