Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day of School. . . Indiana Style

Indiana had her *FIRST* day of PreK this past Monday!
it was quite exciting and yet quite sad :(
it's hard to see your little ones grow up so fast and begin life on their own.

Indy's outfit for the first day of school. . .
she picked it out ALL by herself :)

Indiana (of course) was ecstatic to start having real "school time". . .
she really does LOVE to learn. . . and play. . . and did i mention she is a social butterfly?

her teacher's are *amazing* and SO fun.
since she has started on Monday they have:

played in the "water tank"
painted pictures
had family style lunches (including pizza! she was REAL excited for that!)
played dress up
looked for buried treasure
had music class
learned *new* songs to sing
sculpted play doh
read books
and so on and so forth. . .

she really has enjoyed this time apart from home and just thinks it's the coolest that she gets to ride the bus!

lucky, lucky girl (>0<)


pace said...

wow- her dad must be so proud! yep.

RaCHeL said...

Oh my cuteness! She is so BIG! I love the pic of her waiting for the bus. Her hair is so darling!

julie said...

Big Girl ! Wow ! Indi, you put a huge smile on my face seeing you on those great pics ! Bravo my girl ! the outfit you choose was just puuuuurfect !

Anthony and Kristie said...

So exciting. I can't believe you know all those things she does at school. Parker tells me 1 or 2 things of what he does each day. Ms. Courtnay seems so fun.

Jacob and Katie said...

Can't believe the kiddo is starting school! And with such style!

Laney said...

that second picture is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

Tasha said...

She is so cute, and I love the outfit she picked out :) I'm sure Kendy enjoyed the one on one time!

Rachel said...

She has her Mama's style!!

ittybittybirdy said...

hmmm may I ask... why no more flickr!?