Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner

i am pretty stoked for Halloween this year.
(well. . . i guess technically i am EVERY year!)

the girls get me super pumped about All Hallows Eve and i can't wait to start decorating and making some cute ~spooky~ crafts *new* for this year!

Halloween is just around the corner. . .
i have seen it *pop* up all over in the stores.
(including those delectable, irresistible FUN sized candy bars!!! *drool* speaking of which. . . i would kill for a Butterfinger right now.)

also. . . the new line of Martha Stewart Halloween stuff is just to DIE for! (no pun intended)
i thinks i will be buying mucho gusto of it :)

all products found at Michaels


katrina said...

how exciting! i have to pass by Michael's to pick up more cardstock tomorrow and will certainly check out the MS Halloween line.

Kawine said...

ha ha! i was just asking myself this morning if it was to soon to start decorating for Halloween... mmmmhhh i guess not! (^_^)
thanks Karli!
and, i'm a big fan of Martha's Halloween stuff! too bad there's no Michael's here in Montreal...

Anthony and Kristie said...

I love Halloween to, I can't wait for the card/tag swap next week.